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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Torn between his love for Flo and his love for Sally, Wyatt made a decision and a proposal of marriage! In a heartbreaking moment, Dollar Bill professed his love to an unconscious Katie. Quinn told Eric, and then Wyatt, exactly why Wyatt should forgive Flo and dump Sally. The Forresters, Logans and Spencers gathered as Katie’s medical team searched for answers. Quinn showed her motherly love to Wyatt as only she could while Sally and Flo exchanged updates at the Bikini Bar. Dr. Armstrong provided Katie’s family with a dire diagnosis and a frightening prognosis. Thomas was forced to cover when Ridge found him making an unsupervised visit to Douglas. Flo grew frustrated with Shauna who’s fantasizing about a relationship with Ridge.

THIS WEEK: Brooke lashed out at Thomas and their ensuing war of words escalated into a full blown battle. Shauna sympathized with Ridge when he admitted his struggles in his marriage to Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kristen demanded Xander help her win back Brady. Gabi was torn when Will asked if Vivian shot his grandmother. Lucas weighed out options about Kate’s life. Brady confessed to Sonny that he’s having difficulty fighting off his attraction for Kristen. Lucas had Kayla run tests to see if Kate’s heart would be a match for Julie. Sarah and Brady tried to bolster one another over the havoc Kristen has created. Ben sought Marlena’s help regarding Jordan. Kristen enlisted Rolf for an unusual procedure. Sarah prepared to end her pregnancy. Julie made a dying request to Maggie. Jack and JJ continued to search for Jennifer. Jennifer tried to gain Dr. Shah’s trust. Jack and Dr. Shah had a showdown over Jennifer! Rolf delivered shocking news to Kristen. Eli and Lani learned Lucas is giving Kate’s heart to Julie. Lucas and Will said a tearful farewell to Kate. Jack and Jennifer had an emotional reunion. Gabi was furious when she heard Vivian tell Stefan he’d be better off with Eve.

THIS WEEK: Kristen was thrilled over her stroke of good luck. Sarah decided to keep her baby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Bobbie was stranded. Sam rushed to the Haunted Star. Finn met up with Peter. Jax confronted Sonny and Carly. Kim was frantic. Shiloh was reluctant. Jason tried to reach Sam. Peter collected money. Maxie met with Spinelli. Chase took time to comfort Willow. Brad apologized for his misdeeds. Sam was trapped. Chase headed to the docks. Elizabeth told Cameron about Franco. Laura thanked Peter. Michael and Willow crossed paths. Sasha got ready to meet Nina for dinner. Chase brought a stretcher into the hospital. Hayden and Curtis crossed paths. Julian corrected Ava. Jason gave Jordan his statement. Carly went to the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Olivia was up in arms. Lulu was mortified. Josslyn had an emotional moment in English class.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack overheard Victoria and Nikki discussing their suspicions about Adam. He’s surprised by the animosity as he defended Adam against his family’s accusations. Meanwhile, Nick encouraged Chelsea to keep Connor far away from Adam. Later, Michael confessed to Lauren that he’s being blackmailed by Adam. Devon reflected on Katherine’s will, renewing his determination to protect it. Devon and Jill decided to do whatever it takes to protect Katherine’s legacy. Jack reflected on his unresolved issues with Dina. He forgave his mother for leaving when he was a child, then asked for her forgiveness as well. Jolted out of her trance, Dina recognized her son, and told him that she loves him. Jack told Traci about his time with Dina, then announced his plans for the future. Lola encouraged Rey to start dating again. Meanwhile, Sharon shared with Jack that she had a breakthrough with Adam, but Jack wants to know what that means for her relationship with Rey.

THIS WEEK: Sharon sat with Rey. She admitted to him that she can’t save Adam.

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