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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — After an epic fight, Brooke kicked Thomas out of the house. Vinny shared information with Thomas that might change the course his future. Thomas offered Danny a bribe to get him to do his bidding. He set his plan in motion to rid the Forresters of the Logan family. Brooke and Liam commiserated over the harm Thomas is doing to Douglas. Thomas manipulated Danny into dropping a bombshell on Brooke in order to put a crack in her marriage to Ridge. Bill stopped Shauna at the hospital and confronted her about keeping his granddaughter away from her true family. Liam made Ridge a proposal on Douglas’s behalf. Bill threatened Shauna to stop meddling in his family. Ridge’s plans of a romantic dinner with Brooke were thwarted when she demanded to know if he spent the night with Shauna. Thomas gloated about his plan to destroy Brooke to Vinny. Shauna admitted to Flo that she kissed Ridge while he was passed out. Ridge recounted his night with Shauna to Brooke and promised that nothing happened between them. Shauna fantasized about Ridge. Thomas showed up at Shauna’s house in an attempt to form an alliance to break up Ridge and Brooke. Brooke asked Ridge for his support of Liam and Hope raising Douglas, not Thomas. Liam agreed with Hope that they must be Douglas’ protectors. Ridge was forced to make a decision between his wife and his children. Flo told Shauna about her wish for the Logan family to forgive her and take her back into their family. In the hospital, Will recited a poem for Katie and voiced his fear that she wouldn’t come home.

THIS WEEK: Ridge had honest dialogue with Steffy and Thomas about his relationship with them. Dr. Davis gave Katie and Bill information about finding a matching kidney donor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Doug and Hope delivered bad news to Julie. Lucas came under fire for his decision. Rafe grilled Gabi and Stefan about Vivian. Jack and Jennifer shared a heartfelt reunion with JJ. Rafe warned Gabi about helping Stefan and his mother. Kristen informed Brady that she’s pregnant with his child! Vivian sought shelter from an old ally. Xander gave Nicole what she wants. Ciara’s life was threatened. Vivian pulled a gun on Kristen. Nicole asked Sarah if she’s pregnant. Julie made a dying request to Doug. Brady told Marlena that Kristen is pregnant with his baby. Stefan and Gabi had a romantic night. Ciara and Ben told Lani that they think Jordan tried to kill Ciara. Tragedy struck as Vivian tried to flee town. Lani was shaken when she realized what she’s done. Julie passed out after she and Doug reminisced about their life together.

THIS WEEK: Jack informed Eve that he got his memory back. Gabi received horrific news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny arrived in the knick-of-time! Jordan was insistent. Alexis was relieved. Josslyn was caught off guard. Nelle was pleased. Julian was heartbroken. Kim made a promise. Curtis met Laura for Lunch. Valentin was suspicious. Hayden ran into Finn. Valentin surprised Nina with a romantic gesture. Maxie made final preparations. Kevin sensed Laura has a hidden agenda. Chase surprised Willow. Lulu learned the truth. All Sonny and Carly could do is wait. Nina remained blissfully ignorant. Lulu made a confession to Dustin. Kevin was inspired. Hayden opened up to Ava. Diane asked for more details. Jason questioned Dev. Jax visited Carly.

THIS WEEK: Lulu’s waited at the church. Peter was uneasy about his secrets.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis told a stunned Theo that she’s back to running the Grand Phoenix. Meanwhile, Kyle made it clear that he has no intention of reconciling with Theo. Summer felt disgusted when Theo tried to distract her with sex after she thought he was comforting her from Victor’s death. She verbally stung Theo when she compared him to Kyle. Later, Mariah called Theo out for hitting on Tessa. She didn’t appreciate his obnoxious flirtation. Later, Phyllis commiserated with Summer, but Summer suspected that her mother has an ulterior motive. Michael told Kevin that he’s still under Adam’s thumb. Kevin worried that Chloe’s freedom is in jeopardy. Later, Paul reluctantly hired Kevin back at the GCPD. He revealed to Kevin that he’s had a break in Victor’s case. Adam was surprised when Nick came to see him and invited him to attend Victor’s funeral. Overwhelmed by grief, Adam finally broke down, then came to a decision. Chelsea approached Kevin with a business proposition which might cause a conflict of interest now that he’s back working at the GCPD. Sharon struggled with her feelings for Rey while she also worried about Adam’s dark behavior following Victor’s death. Jill told Cane that someone is contesting Katherine’s will and confessed that she’s worried that Devon’s inheritance is at risk. Cane offered to come to the will reading for Devon’s moral support. Billy returned to work at Jabot, and Jack revealed that he has a scheme of his own. Billy told Jack the real reason he had to go off the grid. Jack was relieved to learn that Billy has defeated his demons. Chelsea continued to worry about Connor’s behavior.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea was oddly surprised when Summer offered to talk to Connor. Summer admitted that she could somewhat relate to Connor.

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