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RECAPS OCT. 7 - 11

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Shauna continued to fight over Ridge. Flo arrived on the scene and fueled the fire. Brooke called Flo a criminal, which caused Shauna to tell a lie about Ridge. Thomas shared his glee with Vinny over his first victory in breaking up Ridge and Brooke. Ridge attempted to convince Steffy that Thomas is truly sorry for his past actions. Shauna came up with a plan to help Flo get back in good graces with the Logans. Steffy had a difficult time processing why Ridge is supporting Thomas. Flo was blindsided by Shauna’s suggestion. Dr. Davis gave Katie dire news about her prognosis. Ridge recounted to Steffy the night he and Shauna spent together. Flo and Shauna took next steps in their plan. As Brooke and Bill frantically searched for kidney donors, Katie admitted her greatest fear about dying. As Katie got weaker, Dr. Davis encouraged her not to give up hope. Katie and Will shared special time together. Flo received good news and agreed to move forward with one big caveat; that her donation be anonymous. Katie learned she has a guardian angel; a living kidney donor. Wyatt and Sally babysat Beth and Douglas while Hope and Liam went to the hospital to support Katie during her transplant surgery. Ridge told Liam and Hope about Shauna but reiterated the only reason he moved out of Brooke’s home was to repair his relationship with his children. Brooke and Ridge saw each other for the first time since he moved out. Brooke stood by her ideology that Douglas should remain with Hope and Liam.

THIS WEEK: Katie’s kidney transplant began. Brooke, Bill, Hope, Liam, Ridge, Will, Donna and Justin waited, unaware that Shauna’s in the next room anxious to hear news about Flo.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eve ran into a distraught Vivian. Eli comforted Lani. Gabi was devastated when she learned of Stefan’s prognosis. Kayla revealed a solution to saving Julie’s life. Gabi demanded Rolf find a way to save Stefan. Eli and Lani contemplated asking Gabi for Stefan’s heart. Kristen learned of Stefan’s condition. Brady broke the news about Kristen’s pregnancy to Victor. Eli pled with Gabi to save Julie’s life. Ciara found herself in close quarters with Jordan. Ben sought help from Victor regarding his sister. Rolf lured Hope into a trap! Will and Sonny tried to change Gabi’s mind about donating Stefan’s heart to Julie. Eli gave Doug disappointing news. Hope struggled to escape from Rolf. Victor was upset when Brady moved Kristen into the mansion. Gabi lashed out at Lani for killing Stefan. Doug and the rest of the family prepared to say a final good-bye to Julie.

THIS WEEK: Xander tried to come up with a way to keep Sarah in town. Kayla kicked Rolf out of his hospital lab.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu was on edge. Jax was proud of Joss. Sonny returned home. Carly apologized. Spinelli made a discovery. Lulu’s declaration was confirmed. Jax opened his home. Dustin was protective. Jordan comforted Curtis. Ava visited Ryan. Spinelli got to work in helping Sam. Peter cringed. Robert had sad news. Monica visited Franco. Elizabeth was ruthless. Valentin was indignant. Michael supported Sasha. Charlotte had brunch with Lulu. Hayden and Finn had an awkward cross. Jason confided in Sam. Nina was thrown for a loop. Josslyn was optimistic. Brad requested Julian’s help.

THIS WEEK: Neil needed more information. Alexis was selective.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lola and Mariah played matchmaker for Rey and Sharon, who took tentative steps toward reconciliation at a dinner that ended with both optimistic about a second date. Devon insisted on confronting Amanda, even when Elena suggested he let his lawyers handle her. Nate reluctantly agreed to accompany Abby to the Newman family dinner, where Victor’s children opened up about the complications his plan to trap Adam caused them. Victor upset them when he came to Adam’s defense, and Abby realized that Nate’s still struggling to accept the decision he made to help Victor. Tension grew between Billy and Victor, with Billy accusing Victor of letting Adam go, and Victor reminding Billy of his recent struggles with his mental health. Cane asked Phyllis for information on Adam’s whereabouts, sparking her curiosity. Later, Phyllis was surprised to find that Michael’s in possession of Adam’s cell phone. Uncomfortable with Phyllis living in Adam’s old apartment, Summer considered calling Kyle, but upon seeing Lola, decided that’s not the best idea. So, she consulted Jack instead, needing support from someone outside of her immediate family. Nick was upset when Chelsea revealed that she wouldn’t be attending the New Hope event. He accepted Chelsea’s decision to co-parent with Adam, and suggested that she reach out to Sharon about counseling Connor.

THIS WEEK: Jack and Traci discussed the plans for the book they’re writing about their family history. Traci read Jack the first paragraph of their book.

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