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RECAPS - 8/4-8/8

ALL MY CHILDREN — Colby, Cassandra and Dre faced the cops about Dre confessed that he was driving the car that hit Richie. Jesse and Samuel agreed that Richie was dead before being run down. Jesse arrested Adam for tampering with evidence. Tad blasted Krystal for conspiring with Adam and not trusting in their marriage. Zach and Kendall went to Las Vegas with Ryan and Annie to study Annie’s behavior. Aidan and Greenlee went to Vegas, too. Impulsively, Greenlee proposed to Aidan. JR took Colby to an AA meeting. Fletcher offered to sell Randi to Frankie. Jake met an interesting woman while jogging. Jesse and Tad investigated Annie’s car.

THIS WEEK: The ghost of Richie haunts Annie.

AS THE WORLD TURNS After snapping out of the trance caused by the poisoned perfume, Emily told Casey it was wrong for them to get married. Alison fought with Chris when he tried to treat her for the poison and he was jabbed with a hypodermic needle and infected, too. Visions of Sofie urged Meg to shoot Paul. Rick Decker called Barbara, offering a cure if she helps him escape. Holden tried in vain to reconnect with Lily. Mike refused to get in the middle of Lily and Holden. Liberty had some quality time with Brad, then told Parker she didn’t want to be his girlfriend. Henry confessed to Bonnie that Vienna left him. He then offered Bonnie a new job.

THIS WEEK: Chris struggles to find a cure.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Bridget had to tell Ridge and Donna how grim things look for Eric. Ridge feared going on without his father. Eric finally spoke to Ridge. Katie was perturbed by memories of her time on Catalina with Nick. Bridget told Brooke her plans to try and start a family with Nick and how she wants Katie to help raise their child. Nick was unable to talk to Bridget about Katie without getting emotional. Taylor had advice for Beth about her condition. Bridget and Brooke have a long talk about life, death and their faith. Katie had a vision that changed her outlook on life.

THIS WEEK: Ridge warns Marcus to keep his hands off Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Bo surprised Hope with a big celebration to renew their marital vows. Bo was then arrested for tampering with evidence. Stefano returned to Salem and came out of the coma. He swore revenge on Marlena. Later, after confiding to John what she’d done to Stefano, a masked man attacked Marlena, injected her with something and left her paralyzed. Max found his sister Melanie, but she got in trouble for robbery. Trying to help her, Max and Stephanie wound up behind bars, too. John was upset to learn that Ava ran from Salem to keep from being convicted for causing the plane crash.

THIS WEEK: Victor and Kate try to break up Philip and Morgan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason confronted Sonny about returning to the business. Carly tried to seduce Karpov to gain information for Jason. Sonny had a change of heart about Karpov and backed out. Lulu was haunted by visions of Logan. She visited Laura, hoping her mother would give her some comfort. Johnny decided to turn himself in so that Lulu could receive psychiatric treatment. Kate was concerned that Sonny cannot leave the mob life behind. Nadine risked everything to sneak into Matt’s room and find evidence of his counterfeit drug dealing. Sam and Nikolas believed that Jerry was behind the fake prescription drugs. Nikolas and Claudia teamed up to help Johnny and Lulu.

THIS WEEK: Jason and Sonny have it out about Michael’s shooting.

GUIDING LIGHT — While Remy and Bill made plans for baby Max, his conditioned worsened and he died. Bill lashed out in anger at Dinah because she tried to pay off Remy to leave town. Bill had Dinah arrested for embezzlement. Lizzie could not console Bill. Remy’s father, Clayton, offered his son a shoulder to cry on. Reva assured Jeffrey she doesn’t want a big wedding. Grady urged Daisy to testify that Alan was responsible for Tammy’s death. In court, Alan said he had an in with the jury. Reva told the court about Alan’s in. Grady suspected Alan was faking insanity to avoid prison. Alan told Natalia that Gus said Rafe should come home.

THIS WEEK: Alan continues his bizarre behavior.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Gigi consulted with Delfina and learned that Bo and Rex are back in time. At the same time, Professor Delbert Fina helped Rex and Bo to figure out how to get back to 2008. Talia saved Antonio, Tina, Cain and Cristian when Carlo tried to kill them all at the airstrip. Tess threw a goodbye party for Viki. At the party, Tina reunited with Viki. Cain thought he got away with the Mendorra jewels, but Tina had them hidden on her pet dog, David Vickers. Blair suspected Todd had a new woman, but he kept her from going upstairs to see Marty. Bo acted like Asa and sent Maria away, keeping history unchanged.

THIS WEEK: Todd asks Starr to reconsider giving up the baby.

PASSIONS — Ethan remarried Gwen in the church, but when he saw that Theresa was alive, he was torn about which woman to choose. His heart was Theresa’s, but he made a vow to Gwen. Juanita’s bomb was diffused, saving everyone in the church, but the erupting volcano has engulfed Harmony. Kay got Father Lonigan to the church, but he refused to baptize Tabitha even though that was the only way to stop the evil lava flow. When the camcorder was repaired by Little Ethan, everyone in church saw Gwen and Rebecca confessing to all the evil they’ve done the past nine years.

THIS WEEK: Passions has come to an end; the show will air no more.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor disappeared from Genoa City and his family was concerned. He went to Mexico where he sat at a bar, mourning his losses. Michael visited Lowell Baldwin in prison, but he was not his real father. The prisoner had switched identities with his father, Richard Wells, 15 years before. Devon decided to quit school and pursue music. Adam took control of Newman Enterprises. Skye’s dismembered body was found buried in the stables. Nikki fought the urge to drink and tried to call Victor. Cane forced Chloe to get the baby’s DNA verified. Jill ticked off Brad by choosing Cane to be Jabot’s CEO instead of Carlton.

THIS WEEK: Nick and Jack have a major blow up.

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