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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The Logan family was stunned by the revelation that Flo is Katie’s anonymous kidney donor. While Wyatt and Sally were babysitting Beth and Douglas, Douglas helped take care of Beth. Wyatt shared past regrets with Sally. The Logan sisters grilled Flo while Shauna passionately defended her daughter’s actions. Flo gave an emotional and unexpected explanation to Katie. Brooke angrily confronted Shauna at the hospital. Ridge told Brooke that he saw her go off on Shauna and asked her to show a little compassion and forgiveness. Liam told Wyatt about Flo’s selfless act. Flo attempted to get Shauna to reel in her fantasies of Ridge. Thomas eavesdropped on a private conversation between Ridge and Shauna. Shauna made a confession to Ridge which left him stunned. Wyatt went to Flo to thank her for what she did for Katie. Thomas confronted Shauna about what he overheard between her and his father. Flo and Wyatt shared a tender moment. Thomas made a proposition to Shauna. Liam took Beth to see Steffy without telling Hope. Brooke gave Hope news about Reese Buckingham. Thomas and Zoe ran into each other outside of Vinny’s apartment. Zoe updated Thomas on her current situation. Liam promised Steffy that he would do everything he could to keep Beth in her life. Hope became upset when she learned that Liam took Beth to Steffy’s house. Thomas shared his plan with Zoe and asked her to join him. Shauna visited Ridge at his office and informed him about her run-in with Thomas.

THIS WEEK: Shauna lent an empathetic ear to Ridge as he talked about Brooke, Hope and Steffy. A jealous Hope lashed out at Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Xander enlisted Rolf’s help. Nicole and Eric had a heart-to-heart. Marlena and John became concerned about Hope. Anna was blindsided by Tony. Sarah revealed to Eric that she’s leaving Salem. Nicole stumbled onto a secret. Brady and Kristen bonded over her pregnancy. John and Marlena feared Brady’s making a mistake. Ben and Rafe got new information about Ciara’s near hit-and-run..Victor ordered a hit on Jordan. Gabi was grief-stricken over Stefan’s death. Xander tried to convince Nicole to keep her mouth shut. Julie discovered Gabi gave her Stefan’s heart. Gabi was furious when she heard Eli and Lani happily making wedding plans. Kate was perplexed by an encounter with Hope. Jack made amends with Abe. Ben apologized to Jordan. Hope’s strange behavior continued.

THIS WEEK: Nicole struggled to keep the truth from Eric. Kayla revealed to Gabi, Eli, and Lani that Julie isn’t out of the woods just yet.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Peter took a meeting with a mysterious woman. Carly insisted on hearing all the details. Sam was approached by Jordan. Elizabeth and Kim crossed paths at the hospital. Maxie was relieved. Obrecht got an enlightening phone call. Jax updated Hayden on the series if events. Alexis ran into Finn. Jason was determined. Dev expressed his interest in Joss. Michael was concerned. Valentin was surprised. Brad attended Nelle’s parole hearing. Alexis filled Julian in. Maxie and Lulu argued. Laura reached out to Ava. Franco got a visitor. Elizabeth looked on as Scott prepped for trial. Cameron tracked Kim down. Lucas was troubled by what Brad might be keeping from him. Jason was cautiously optimistic. Michael was committed to Sasha. Chase investigated Ryan’s latest act of violence at Pentonville.

THIS WEEK: Julian was uncomfortable. Curtis questioned Brad.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — In Vegas, Cane checked in with Jill, who advised him to use Phyllis to hunt down Adam. When Phyllis showed up at his hotel room unannounced, Cane refused to tell her why he’s in Vegas unless she does the same; she admitted she’s trying to bring Adam back to GC, but Cane kept his mission a secret. Elena was concerned when Devon couldn’t stop worrying about what he should do in respect to Katherine’s will. Jill updated Devon on Cane’s progress in Vegas, but Devon remained suspicious of Cane and his motives. Elena admitted to Nate that having Amanda around is messing with her confidence and asked Nate how she could best support Devon. He assured her things would return to normal soon, but she remained skeptical. Billy was shaken when he got a message from Victor, stating that they need to talk about Billy’s attempt on Adam’s life. Billy faced Victor, admitting that he was the one who tried to kill Adam and explaining the reaction he had to Adam’s reappearance. Rey told Sharon that Mia and Arturo had their baby and asked Sharon out on another date. Meanwhile, at the Abbotts, Traci and Jack decided that their book needs to cover the family’s bad times as well as the good. Their work was interrupted when they received word that Dina had an accident. Chelsea worried that she’s failed Connor by bringing him back to Genoa City. In big sister mode, Summer assured Nick and Chelsea that they’re doing the best they can, then vented about her own struggles with Theo. Unable to hold it in anymore, Connor lashed out in anger, then broke down into tears as he revealed how much he misses Adam. Amanda and Nate decided to call a truce and they opened up about their pasts. Amanda shut down and then stormed out when she realized that Nate’s just trying to get information to use against her for Devon’s sake.

THIS WEEK: In the mood to make up, Theo started to win Summer over, but he quickly messed things up again. On the anniversary of Delia’s death, Chloe and Billy struggled with their grief and anger. Chelsea comforted grieving Chloe with a hug and they thought of how Delia lives on in Connor.

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