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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge explained to Eric how Brooke’s history with Stephanie is repeating itself with Brooke and Thomas. Comedy, then passion, ensued when Ridge unexpectedly found Shauna asleep in his bed. Ridge surprised Shauna with his response to her question regarding their current sleeping arrangement. Hope shared with Brooke her plan to use Thomas’ love for her to take Douglas away from him. Shauna confided to Quinn about her kiss with Ridge, which prompted Quinn to stroll down memory lane. Brooke called Ridge to convey how much she misses him but things went south when she brought up Thomas. Hope attended Quinn and Eric’s Halloween soiree to manipulate Thomas into signing adoption papers. Liam and Steffy re-connected when he took Beth to share Halloween night with Steffy and Kelly.

THIS WEEK: Steffy and Liam took great comfort and joy in their daughters, as well as in their forever bond. Hope found herself in a bind when Thomas and Douglas questioned her about their future together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi proved to Lani she’d make good on her threat. Haley informed John and Marlena of a strange encounter with Hope. Jordan realized her plan had claimed an unintended victim. Ciara found incriminating evidence in Ben’s coat pocket. Rafe became suspicious of Jordan. Jordan attacked JJ. John and Marlena confronted “Hope.” Jack and Jennifer had a tense run-in with Dr. Rolf. Xander needled Nicole about Eric’s feelings for Sarah. Ciara played cat and mouse with Jordan. Ben frantically searched for his sister. Lani tried to outmaneuver Gabi. It’s Halloween in Salem! Jordan broke Claire out of Bayview to wreak havoc on Salem. Tony had a startling revelation for Marlena. Ben gave in to his dark side. It’s Lani and Eli’s wedding day! Lani suggested a compromise to Gabi.

THIS WEEK: Xander was thrown when Hope didn’t seem to recognize him. Tamara Price returned to Salem for her daughter’s wedding.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Alexis was duped. Lucas and Brad headed to couples therapy. Julian was surprised. Scott had an idea. Chase and Michael’s friendship was tested. Sonny offered Franco an outlet. Scott looked for help. Bobbie offered her condolences. Elizabeth was distraught. Peter had an idea for Maxie. Cameron apologized to Jason. Curtis was excited. Sasha and Michael had a tense cross. Ava took extreme measures. Laura told Jax her theory. Jax compared notes with Hayden. Michael grew impatient. Alexis battled the flu. Hayden and Finn made progress. Lulu was seen kissing Dustin. Laura had her doubts. Julian continued to undermine Brad. Elizabeth got a call.

THIS WEEK: Joss was forced to deal with the consequence of her actions. Lulu revealed a more captivating side to Dustin.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon and Adam finally crossed paths at the coffeehouse. He said only wants to be a good father to Connor and that he adamantly needs Sharon to be a positive influence on his son’s life. Rey watched their exchange unnoticed. Sharon said she doesn’t want to feel manipulated by Adam again if she helps Connor. As Rey surfaced, Sharon told him about helping Nick and Chelsea with Connor; therefore, she’d be helping Adam. Rey said she wants Sharon to support Connor, but Sharon wants to keep her distance from Adam. Sharon’s wary of Adam’s dark side resurfacing, but Rey’s confident she could handle Adam, for Connor’s sake. She called Adam and made it clear she’s only helping Connor. Adam understood. Lily was in shock when she met Amanda. Lily admitted she thought everyone was exaggerating about Amanda looking like Hilary. Lily apologized to Amanda for her reaction. Aware of Lily’s connection to Hilary’s death, Amanda showed Lily some sensitivity and accepted her apology. Nick told Mariah that he brought Adam back from Vegas for Connor’s sake, and that’s all that matters. Mariah encouraged Nick to vent his true feelings about Adam, but they’re interrupted by Councilwoman Tammy Diamond, who resumed her efforts to convince Nick to run for office. Nick told Chelsea about Councilwoman Diamond’s suggestion. She encouraged Nick to run for office, and he finally admitted that he wants to. Nick called Councilwoman Diamond and confirmed his political entry. Theo pitched to Phyllis and suggested an influencer client of his to help with a Grand Phoenix event.

THIS WEEK: Theo shared his plan to take over the country as a marketing entrepreneur. Phyllis was still not impressed.

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