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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope’s plan spun out of control when Thomas made an indecent proposal. Liam hesitated when he discovered that Steffy has begun dating again. Liam was thrown when Bill invited him back to the family and Spencer Publications. Hoping to garner his attention, Zoe seized the moment and kissed Thomas. Steffy did her best to dissuade her brother from sharing custody of his son with Hope. Adoption papers in hand, Hope arrived to Forrester to find a romantic set-up by Thomas and Douglas. Thomas played on Hope’s vulnerability and offered up more quid pro quo to sign her papers. Ridge confided in Shauna about his feelings for her, Brooke and his family. Brooke and Ridge fought over Hope’s right to become a legal guardian to Douglas. The situation between Thomas and Hope took an unexpected turn for the worse.

THIS WEEK: Thomas and Hope are on shaky ground. Ridge and Brooke can’t see eye to eye.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Lani made a heartbreaking decision. Gabi forced Lani’s hand. Marlena warned Sarah about dating Xander. Justin and Adrienne shared good news with Jack and Jennifer. A double wedding took place in the town square! Eve tried to stir up trouble for Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer made a shocking discovery. Princess Gina took drastic measures to protect Rolf’s secrets. Gina had a run-in with Rafe. Kayla and Haley worked to save Jennifer’s life. Julie was stunned when Eli told her what happened at the wedding. Lani punched Gabi! Kristen had a pregnancy scare. Jack and JJ searched for answers about Jennifer’s fall. Nicole struggled with whether or not she should tell Eric that Sarah is pregnant.

Ben feared he’s going to have to kill Jordan. Ben made a horrific discovery. John and Marlena marked their one-year wedding anniversary.

THIS WEEK: Gina tries to ensure Jennifer never wakes up. Kristen drops a bomb on Eric.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lucas slung accusations. Brad went to Julian. Valentin was relieved. Laura reeled from what has transpired. Maxie was worried. Julian supported Ava. Franco had a realization. Elizabeth got terrible news. Kim sought closure. Brad gained the upper hand. Finn was not ready to face Anna. Alexis took a turn for the worse. Jax stopped Laura. Cassandra made a threat. Sam and Jason were curious. Sam had questions. Cassandra was worried and scared. Nina visited her brother’s grave. Jax summoned Carly. Martin visited Nelle. Charlotte had dessert with Maxie and Lulu. Jason got an alarming phone call. Julian headed to GH.

THIS WEEK: Ava keeps quiet. Bobbie feels loved.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack had the unpleasant task of telling Kyle that he had Theo take a DNA test to see if he is part of the family. Kyle was outraged and warned his father that he will regret opening this can of worms. The news got worse when the test results showed that Theo is Dina’s grandchild. Lola tried to get Kyle to calm down and give Theo a chance, but Kyle accused her of falling for Theo’s lies and manipulative ways. She stormed out, but when she returned Kyle apologized and they made up. Jack took Theo to meet Dina and she reacted by thinking that he was his father, Eric. Sharon was on cloud nine after spending the night with Ray, and even more excited when Ray sent her flowers the next day. Mariah worried that Sharon’s happiness could be destroyed by the reappearance of Adam, but Sharon said it wouldn’t happen. Simon insisted that Chelsea fork over the money that Chelsea’s late husband stole from him. He told her she had 48 hours to pay up. Meanwhile Nick was upset when Chelsea didn’t attend his press conference to announce he was running for city council. Adrian ran out on his hotel bill and Ray said he’d arrest him he cam back to Genoa City. Chelsea offered to sell Abby her share of the hotel, but pulled back her offer when Nick questioned it.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea calls Kevin for help. Kyle and Theo have an uncomfortable encounter.

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