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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Desperately wanting to find a happy middle, Brooke and Ridge continued to land on the opposite side of the argument regarding Thomas. Steffy attempted to reassure a disbelieving Liam that Thomas is not a threat to anyone. Hope desperately searched for Douglas. Liam confided in Steffy that he is returning to Spencer Publications. Hope made a terrifying realization. Ridge vowed to Steffy that he would not allow Thomas to lose custody of Douglas to Hope. Hope confided in Brooke about the frightening events that occurred between her, Thomas and Douglas at Forrester Creations. Liam was stunned when Hope shared that she’s now legally Douglas’s mother. Realizing he finally has his wife’s attention, Liam told Hope that he’s leaving Forrester Creations and returning to his family business, Spencer Publications. Hope was racked with guilt for lying to Liam. Ridge showed off Thomas’ designs to Steffy. Brooke continued to reassure Hope that she has nothing to worry about and no reason to feel guilty. Liam told Ridge and Steffy that Thomas signed the custody papers. Ridge flipped out at this news and accused Brooke and Hope of taking advantage of Thomas’s feelings for Hope. He rushed to Brooke’s house to confront them about their misdeed.

THIS WEEK: Ridge demanded answers from Hope and Brooke about Thomas and Douglas. Steffy told Liam that she’s worried about Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer was reunited with Abigail and JJ. Sarah’s baby drama took a surprising turn. Ben shared his woes with a surprising confidante. An unexpected death was revealed. Jack informed Jennifer the person responsible for her fall is in prison. Sonny got acquainted with Rafe’s nanny, Evan. Ciara told Victor she’s given up on Ben. Princess Gina had a shocking new companion. Eric realized JJ is high. Nicole and Sarah shared their guilt over their deception. Brady recalled his struggles from the past year. Chad made a confession to Abigail. Gabi told Eli that she thinks Chad is plotting against her. Chad admitted to Abigail that he’s been in contact with Stefano. JJ blew up at Brady. There was a shocking reveal involving Lani. Princess Gina made a move on John. Julie was alarmed when her heart started to race for apparently no reason.

THIS WEEK: Kristen talked about the incident that caused her to leave Salem. Kayla headed home for a romantic evening.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu panicked. Valentin got a disturbing phone call. Jason looked to confront Jax. Finn bonded with Violet. Lucas and Julian hashed out their differences. Carly made a deal with Jax. Jason visited Valentin. Nina was frantic. Robert clashed with Peter. Finn and Hayden finally discussed their issues. Chase gave Robert a little advice. Lulu and Valentin found common ground. Jordan was curious. Carly shut down Josslyn’s idea. Sonny and Ava had a meeting about Avery’s well-being. Hayden and Violet’s visit was cut short. Monica was kind to Kim. Elizabeth took Cameron to visit Sonny. Alexis agreed to speak to Olivia on Julian’s behalf. Franco made a decision. Jason gave a statement. TJ had a diagnosis. Finn told Liz that he and Anna have a lot to sort out.

THIS WEEK: Brad confronted Julian. Obrecht felt cornered.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick prepared for his debate and Nikki encouraged him to talk to Victor about his campaign. Nick said he didn’t want his father to try to talk him out of running. Ashley is impressed with Theo and offer him a job in Paris. Chance confronted Cane about the will which was changed to make him rich. Chance punched Cane in the nose. Chelsea knew she wouldn’t be able to get the money Simon is demanding, so she reached out to her mother telling her to send her a million she had stashed away and contact someone they both know for the rest of the payoff, since he owed them. Paul came back to Genoa City. Chelsea wanted to protect Connor and asked Adam to take him to the family cabin in Kansas, but didn’t tell Adam why. Connor wanted to know why his mother couldn’t come with them. Adam saw that something is not right when Simon approached Chelsea and demands his money. When Adam stepped in, Simon pulled a gun on him and threatened to kill him unless he got his cash and was able to walk out of the hotel and not go to jail. Meanwhile, Chance rejected Phyllis’ help to resolve the crisis. Phyllis ignored Chance’s rejection and came up with her own plan.

THIS WEEK: Nick’s campaign is in turmoil. Jill sounds the alarm.

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