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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Feeling guilty about Thomas, Hope attempted to confess to Ridge. Brooke covered for her daughter and got Ridge out of the house before Hope could say more. A worried Steffy shared with Quinn that Thomas is MIA. Ridge told Steffy to be a better parent than he was. They contemplated why Thomas would have signed off on shared custody of Douglas with Hope. Brooke struggled with the fact that Thomas is dead. Shauna admitted to Ridge that she wanted to see him. Ridge confided in Shauna the confusing statements Hope made about Thomas. He believed that once Thomas starts thinking straight, he would regret his decision to allow Hope to have legal rights to his son. Shauna flirted with Ridge while admiring how he has not given up on Thomas. Shauna left knowing that Brooke is on her way to see Ridge. Brooke became rattled when she realized that Thomas once again manipulated Hope. Brooke confessed everything to Ridge. Ridge was floored by Brooke’s confession. Hurt, he questioned Brooke and Hope’s actions and Brooke’s honesty. Hope got maternal with Douglas. Brooke pled with Ridge to see things from her perspective, but Ridge was unable to get over Brooke’s latest transgression regarding Thomas. Ridge and Brooke tearfully shared a distant memory. Shauna comforted Ridge, and the two shared a powerful moment. Hope came clean to Liam.

THIS WEEK: Carter gave legal advice to Ridge. Brooke shared her heartache with Hope and Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sonny opened up to Evan. Kayla and her new beau reminisced about how they came together. Marlena’s return threw a monkey wrench into Gina’s plans. Chad and Abigail argued about Stefano. Ciara snooped around Xander’s office. Sarah and Xander bonded over the baby. Eve summoned Abigail. Chad was put to the challenge. Ben was horrified by Clyde’s confession. A frantic Sarah told Xander her baby’s missing! Sonny confided to Chad about his situation with Will. Eve urged Abigail to investigate Jennifer’s fall. Clyde put the screws to Xander. Ciara took matters into her own hands. Jennifer received devastating news from the past year. Eric informed Roman about his big plans for the future. Xander handed Hope his confession. Eric had a surprise for Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Ciara played a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Abigail caught Eli going through Chad’s laptop.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam was deeply shaken. Lucas confronted Brad. Kim and Hayden crossed paths. Liz was stunned. Ned and Olivia wanted Michael’s support. Jason turned to Spinelli for help. Jax confronted Nina. Chase chastised Finn. Ned was suspicious. Curtis and Jordan got a welcome visitor. Nina returned to Valentin and Charlotte. Sonny grew increasingly suspicious. Stella had an update on Mike. Finn was committed to being a part of Violet’s life. Anna didn’t trust Hayden. Julian looked into Brad’s schedule. Franco paid Monica a visit. Carly saw a difference in Mike. TJ looked for approval. Cameron wanted to know the truth. Hayden refused to be bullied. Valentin was protective of Charlotte. Laura and Jax got a surprise visit.

THIS WEEK: Lulu caught up with Dustin. Kendra visited Alexis.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kyle confronted Billy in their shared CEO office about his ego skyrocketing. Billy claimed he wants what’s best for the company and defended himself for closing a deal in Milan without consulting Kyle. He still thought Kyle hasn’t earned his keep, but he apologized to Kyle for being hard on him. Cane visited Devon and claimed he doesn’t know who knocked him out in Vegas and gave him the fake pages. Devon didn’t believe him since he got all of Katherine’s money anyway. Cane offered his help to find out who’s behind all this, but Devon warned Cane to stay out of it. At the coffeehouse, Billy and Victoria were discussing his issues at Jabot. Adam and Connor arrived, and Victoria hoped Billy wouldn’t react to him. Adam ignored Billy and invited Sharon to lunch at his place. Billy surprised himself by staying calm when Adam arrived. Kyle confided in Mariah his unhappiness of being related to Theo. He also admitted that Theo’s a sensitive subject with Lola. Meanwhile, Lola encouraged Theo to be himself and not feel the pressure of being part of a new family. Adam and Chelsea continued to worry about Connor’s behavior and asked Sharon to spend more time with Connor so she could offer her professional opinion. Meanwhile Nate and Elena discussed Nate giving Amanda the benefit of the doubt. Elena suggested Nate fire Amanda from his medical board case before she wrecks his life too. Abby was suspicious when she discovered that Phyllis has installed a new security system at the Grand Phoenix.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis defended her new project, but Abby confided in Chelsea that she does not trust Phyllis. Later, Abby and Chloe were forced to do damage control when hotel guests reported that jewels were stolen from their room.

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