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RECAPS: NOV. 25 – 29

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Hayden refused to be bullied. Valentin was protective of Charlotte. Laura and Jax got a surprise visit. Lulu caught up with Dustin. Kendra visited Alexis. Valentin discovered some interesting information. Laura just wanted what’s best for her family. Willow was a little introspective. Michael was confrontational. Neil’s theory was incorrect. Peter was unnerved. Julian took drastic measures. Brad got a pep talk. Neil put the pieces together. Alexis stumbled upon the truth. Lucas pled with Brad. Liz was surprised. Olivia was optimistic.

THIS WEEK: Monica called Epiphany. Finn and Anna had a heart-to-heart.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill gathered Justin, Wyatt and Emmy to welcome Liam home to Spencer Publications. Liam shared with Bill that Hope is now Douglas’s adoptive mother. Wyatt gave a surprising response to Liam when asked why he hadn’t purchased a ring yet for Sally. Later, while discussing their engagement and wedding, Sally accidentally misspoke. Ridge told Shauna that he likes her close to him and was honest about his feelings for Brooke. Ridge was touched by Shauna’s patience and understanding. They shared a kiss. Quinn witnessed Shauna and Ridge kiss and later queried her friend about their relationship status. Shauna was relieved when Shauna gave her seal of approval. Ridge truthfully answered Eric’s questions about Brooke and Shauna. Wyatt demanded answers from Sally, prompting her to propose a quick elopement. Bill asked Liam to always have his brother Wyatt’s back. Ridge confronted Thomas about signing the papers giving Hope joint custody of Douglas and his recent stunt at Forrester.

Steffy joined in and Thomas defended his actions saying that he was trying to teach Hope, and Brooke, a lesson.

THIS WEEK: Quinn invited Shauna to her and Eric’s Thanksgiving dinner. Eternally grateful that they’re reunited with their baby, Beth, Hope and Liam spent the day before Thanksgiving with Beth and Douglas preparing for the holiday.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric was stunned by Nicole’s revelation. Ciara took on Mickey’s kidnapper. Xander tried to destroy his confession. Chad’s meeting with Stefano didn’t go the way he imagined. Xander told Sarah that he loves her. Lani finally confided to someone why she left Eli. Abigail and JJ talked about Haley’s death. Eli warned Gabi that Abigail and Chad are on to him. It’s Thanksgiving in Salem. Marlena received a present from an admirer.

THIS WEEK: Gina finally finished her portrait of Stefano. Eve celebrated her first Thanksgiving in prison with Hattie.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chelsea arrived at the Penthouse and learned from Adam that Connor’s stomachache is from the trauma and stress of the hostage situation. Adam told Chelsea that they should consider having Connor see a child therapist. Chelsea suggested asking Sharon to work with Connor. Chelsea agreed to spend a few nights at the Penthouse until Connor feels better. During a session with Dr. Clay, she asked Billy that she’s worried if he doesn’t find the root of his problems he would continue to self-sabotage. Later, Billy visited Victoria at Newman and brought her roses along with burger and fries. Their lunch turned romantic until a Victoria received a business call. At Society, Lola gave Theo a pep talk before his first day of work at Jabot. Meanwhile at Jabot, Kyle gave Summer business cards as VP of Marketing. Theo arrived late to the office prompting a power struggle between Theo and Kyle. Nick guilted Summer into attending Thanksgiving Dinner at the Newman Ranch. During dinner, Victor grilled Billy about being unemployed and things were tense between Chelsea and Nick as a result of Chelsea spending more time at Adam’s Penthouse. Victor and Nikki were thrilled to share the news that Victor’s health has improved.

THIS WEEK: Summer arrived for desert and she and Victor finally made amends. After dinner, Victor and Nikki recapped their successful dinner and reaffirmed their love for each other

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