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RECAPS: DEC. 2 – 6

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Julian made a devastating discovery. Carly’s plans were cut short. Sonny reassured Kristina. Jordan was content. Willow was anxious to know the truth. Bobbie had terrible news to share. Michael offered to help. Nina was surprised. Jax confronted Valentin. Finn worried about what to tell Violet. Jordan’s findings were inconclusive. Sonny was sympathetic. Willow confided in Sasha. Michael pressed for more information. Nelle got a new cellmate. Maxie and Lulu caught up. Jason surprised Ned. Franco completed an important project. Monica clarified things with Olivia. Peter gathered his possessions. Anna disagreed with Robert. Elizabeth attempted to express her gratitude. Trina helped at the gallery. Nina considered a new business partner.

THIS WEEK: Valentin started to suspect things are not as they seem. Jax lost patience with his house-guest.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge confronted Thomas about signing the papers giving Hope joint custody of Douglas and his recent stunt at Forrester. Steffy joined in and Thomas defended his actions saying that he was trying to teach Hope, and Brooke, a lesson. Quinn invited Shauna to her and Eric’s Thanksgiving dinner. Eternally grateful that they’re reunited with their baby, Beth, Hope and Liam spent the day before Thanksgiving with Beth and Douglas preparing for the holiday. Douglas told Liam that he’s homesick for Hope. Steffy confronted Hope about her terrible lie about Thomas. Liam gave Thomas the 411 on how Hope’s retiring for a while to spend time with Beth, which prompted Thomas to come up with another idea on how to win Hope’s heart. Thomas made a very big ask of a hesitant Hope. Liam and Steffy continued to disagree on Thomas’s level of trustworthiness. Thomas used Douglas to persuade Hope to say yes to the idea he presented her with. Ridge presented divorce papers to Brooke but things didn’t go entirely the way Ridge had planned. Shauna confided in Quinn that Ridge is divorcing his soulmate, Brooke. Ridge presented Brooke with an idea on how to salvage their relationship. Ridge begged Brooke not to let her feelings for his son destroy their relationship. Steffy warned Thomas to stay in his lane when it came to Hope. Brooke made the final call about the terms of her and Ridge’s marriage. Hope stunned Liam with news of Thomas’s offer. Liam was concerned that Hope’s ignoring red flags about Thomas. Zoe queried Thomas about his current feelings for Hope. Eric learned of Ridge and Brooke’s impending divorce from Quinn and Shauna.

THIS WEEK: Thomas maneuvered to get Ridge on board with his new plan for Hope. Ridge turned to Shauna after a difficult day.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John and Marlena suspected Stefano is the one who reached out to her. Justin and Kayla discussed taking a huge step in their relationship. Ciara updated Ben on her investigation. Clyde made an attempt on Will’s life! Ben tried to stop Clyde from hurting Will. Ciara broke into Xander’s metal box to uncover his secret. Nicole urged Eric to forgive her. Evan pulled Sonny into a kiss! Gabi sent Eli off to Rome to thwart Chad. Abigail told “Hope” she doesn’t believe Eve pushed her mother. Lani revealed to Abe that she’s made a commitment to someone. JJ was desperate to uncover Kristen’s location. “Hope” offered resistance when Abigail asked to look into Jennifer’s case. Rafe questioned “Hope’s” odd behavior. Eric introduced Mickey to Roman and Marlena. Sarah told Xander that Eric’s willing to share custody…but on one condition. Lani was stunned when she comes face-to-face with someone from Salem. Gabi and Chad went head-to-head for control over DiMera.

THIS WEEK: JJ trailed Eli, hoping he’d lead him to Kristen. Marlena told Eric that Mickey has a fever.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick arrived home to news from Chelsea that Nick Adam wants her to move in permanently in order to give Connor the support he needs. Chelsea explained Connor’s constant nightmares and trouble in school. Nick didn’t blame Connor but he thought that Adam would try to woo Chelsea. Amanda was tracking someone through a GPS when Nate arrived so Amanda quickly covered. Nate told Amanda that he wanted to move out of the “friend zone.” Over at Crimson Lights, Theo shared with Summer that he wants to move to a permanent residence and suggested living together. Meanwhile, Devon distracted himself with New Hope duties and hunting down Colin. Abby was chatting with Chance when she received news there had been another jewel theft at the Grand Phoenix.

THIS WEEK: Chance told Abby that he and his team were able to figure out how Phyllis installed a backdoor to the hotel’s Wi-Fi to hack Abby and Chelsea’s electronics. Abby called Phyllis a security threat for failing to capture the jewel thief through her security system.

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