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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam attempted to convince Steffy that they could trust Zoe. Hope asked Quinn, then Sally to design her new line hoping that she would be able to find anyone other than Thomas to do the job. Thomas revealed his current scheme to Vinny, who offered his friend sage advice. Hope freaked out when she walked in on Thomas setting a romantic table for two, assuming that she’s the recipient of Thomas’s romantic gesture. Liam continued to urge Steffy to bring Zoe back to Forrester in a ploy to beat Thomas at his own game. As Hope watched in disbelief, Thomas asked another woman to rekindle their romance. Liam bent Wyatt’s ear about how he knows that Thomas is putting on a charade for Hope. Ridge and Eric told Steffy that a fashion show down would bring Forrester great publicity. Zoe made a mea culpa to Steffy. Hope lashed out at Steffy, furious that she would even consider re-hiring Zoe. Brooke questioned Ridge about Zoe’s new job. Thomas told Zoe that he wants to move on with her before they shared a passionate kiss. Hope questioned the validity of Thomas and Zoe’s romance. Knowing that he has a spy in place, Liam gave Hope the green light to work with Thomas. Brooke begged Ridge to see Thomas for who he really is when Ridge asked her to forgive his son. Zoe assured Steffy that she’s still on board to do whatever she and Liam need. Brooke told Ridge that Thomas is not only obsessed with Hope but with her as well. Ridge gave Brooke an option to get their old lives back. Steffy grilled Zoe about Thomas. Brooke and Hope agreed about their feelings towards Zoe. Carter questioned Zoe about her relationship with Thomas.

THIS WEEK: Thomas informed Steffy that he’s no longer fixated on Hope. Steffy let Brooke in on her and Liam’s plan to use Zoe to find out the truth about Thomas’s feelings for Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Will made a difficult sacrifice for Sonny’s happiness. Clyde reamed Ben out for betraying him. Ciara’s mission to find the truth was thwarted by Xander. Eve was cleared when new evidence was discovered. Lani and Kristen hatched a plan to win back what’s rightfully theirs. Julie cared for JJ as he struggles with sobriety. Chad confronted Kate about Stefano. Marlena gave John an ultimatum about “Hope.” Rafe attempted to hunt down Rolf. Jack comforted an unsettled Jennifer. Marlena confided in a guilty Kate. Gina was upset by John’s decision. Gina was put on the hot seat when Rafe found her in the secret lair. Kate got under Kayla’s skin. Victor became suspicious of Ciara. Evan and Sonny grew closer. Roman realized Kate’s hiding someone in her room. Gabi was stunned when she received a call from Kristen.

THIS WEEK: Abigail questioned Eli’s feelings for Gabi. Stefano got a surprise visitor.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax was in for a surprise. Nina learned the truth. Chase confided in Finn. Anna took notice. Elizabeth waited with anticipation. Valentin was delighted. Ava was unconcerned. Lulu felt helpless. Laura was surprised. Peter was anxious. Ava laid in wait. Kevin offered his insight. Nina cornered Obrecht. Sonny and Carly couldn’t see eyeto eye. Sasha was less than thrilled with Lucy’s announcement. Franco was devastated. Jordan showed no mercy. Michael did his best. Anna reviewed her notes. Maxie shared her joy. Nelle played it cool. Julian lost his temper. Anna and Finn had a difference of opinion.

THIS WEEK: Liz was understanding. Maxie helped Peter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chelsea arrived at Crimson Light and shared with Sharon that things have gotten worse with Connor. Sharon sympathized with Chelsea’s frustrations about Connor’s school. Chelsea wanted to legally fight the academy’s request for Connor not to return. Sharon suggested Chelsea consult Amanda who’s at Crimson Lights. Amanda suggested Chelsea consider homeschool or another academy before they take legal action against Walnut Grove. Meanwhile, Mariah surprised Sharon that Faith would be home for Christmas. Adam visited the Ranch with Connor and told Nikki about Connor not being allowed to attend Walnut Grove. She’s outraged but Adam doesn’t want her or Victor to pull any strings. He admitted that he’s lost because he and Chelsea tried everything to help Connor. Sparks flew between Abby and Chance on their date. He’s glad the fake jewelry heist brought them together. Before their date was over, Chance asked Abby for a kiss. She gladly permitted him for a passionate first kiss. At Crimson Lights, Billy awkwardly ran into Amanda. She congratulated him on his new job. Billy’s nervous for a new beginning but Amanda reassured his good looks and success would keep him on the right track. Amanda cut to the chase and asked Billy if he’s looking to have an affair. Over at the Newman ranch, Victoria thanked Victor for hosting pre-Christmas with the grandkids since they’d be in Telluride, Colorado over Christmas.

THIS WEEK: Victor proudly acknowledged his children’s accomplishments. He’s most grateful for Nikki, whom he called his Christmas miracle since doctors didn’t know if she’d survive just last Christmas. Victor added that she helps him look towards the future as he battles his disease.

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