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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Hope agreed about their feelings towards Zoe. Carter questioned Zoe about her relationship with Thomas. Thomas informed Steffy that he’s no longer fixated on Hope. Steffy let Brooke in on her and Liam’s plan to use Zoe to find out the truth about Thomas’ feelings for Hope. Brooke confronted Liam as to why he didn’t tell her about the plan to use Zoe to out Thomas’s true feelings for Hope. Liam reassured Brooke that they must be patient in order for their plan to work. Thomas told Hope that he intends to prove to her that he’s a changed man. Hope and Thomas shared an important moment with Douglas. Sally confided to Steffy that she cannot lose the fashion show. Steffy made a confession to Sally about Liam. Hope freaked out when Thomas made an inappropriate gesture while they’re designing. Thomas denied being obsessed with Hope and went so far as to ask her to watch Douglas for the evening because he has a date with Zoe. Brooke did not believe that Zoe and Steffy could outmaneuver Thomas. Thomas set a romantic setting for Zoe. Zoe was moved when Thomas expressed that he sees a future with her.

THIS WEEK: Brooke told Steffy that their plan is setting Zoe up for major heartbreak. Hope shared with Liam that Thomas and Zoe might spend the night together.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Stefano” was tempted to reveal himself to Marlena. Kayla and Justin planned a romantic Christmas together. Rafe questioned why “Hope” and Kate were fighting. JJ came clean about his addiction to Jack and Jennifer. It’s Christmas Eve in Salem! Julie worried no one’s going to come to the Horton tree trimming. Eve and Hattie both received an early Christmas gift. Xander had a Christmas surprise for Sarah. “Stefano” secretly joined the Christmas party at the hospital. Marlena helped Ciara visit Ben without Victor’s knowledge. Kate was upset to see Sonny with Evan. John got an unpleasant surprise at home. Kayla followed “Stefano” and confronted him. Marlena found a mysterious gift in her purse. Hattie asked Roman for a favor. Xander gave Sarah a special Christmas present. Hattie was thrown when she found “Steve” in Kate’s room. Lani and Kristen returned to Salem.

THIS WEEK: Lani indirectly struck back at Gabi. Nicole impulsively pulled Brady in for a kiss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Two days of General Hospital are being preempted this week. Here’s what’s happened for the remainder of the week: In a very special stand-alone episode, the citizens of Port Charles learned the true meaning of the holiday season by means of the Charles Dickens classic. Nelle played it cool. Julian lost his temper. Anna and Finn had a difference of opinion. Liz was understanding. Maxie helped Peter. Sonny consoled Carly. Joss was confused. Danny visited santa.

THIS WEEK: Julian simmers in a slow boil. Anna and Finn continue to clash. .

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At Crimson Lights, Faith surprised Sharon when she arrived home earlier than planned. Summer welcomed Faith back with a hug and a ton of questions about boarding school and boys. In the back of her mind, Sharon worried Connor would need her help soon. Rey wondered if Sharon’s helping for Connor’s sake or Adam’s. At Society, Chance let Adam know he’s staying in Genoa City. He knows they’re both reminders of their past in Las Vegas but staying in town’s the best decision. Adam just wanted to leave their Vegas days forgotten. Phyllis interrupted them and warned Chance that Adam will stab him in the back. Later, Adam wanted to take Connor to Hope farm where he spent his childhood; and he wanted Chelsea to come. Disliking this, Chelsea believed Adam’s pulling an elaborate scheme to get Connor away from his Newman side of the family. Adam reminisced about the farm where they exchanged vows. He knows it’d resurrect emotions for Chelsea as he confessed his love for her. Chelsea knew they’d always have a bond because of Connor but she loves Nick. Later, Billy and Victoria celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Billy learned that a deal he’s consulting on hasn’t closed and needs to stay in town. Victoria offered to postpone their flight to Telluride but Billy insisted they leave without him. He promised he’d make it as soon as the deal’s closed. Victoria hated to leave Billy behind on Christmas Eve. He held her tight as he psychologically battled himself that he might never be the man she needs. Ashley returned home to surprise her family for Christmas. Jack hosted a Christmas Eve dinner at Society where Lauren and Michael joined the festivities. Later, Lauren received the ultimate Christmas gift. On Christmas Day, Victor and Nikki remembered the true meaning of Christmas when an unexpected guest arrived at the Newman Ranch. Mariah and Tessa saved the day on Christmas.

THIS WEEK: Chloe shared unexpected news with Kevin. The Abbotts react to Ashley’s return.

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