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RECAPS - 8/11-8/15

ALL MY CHILDREN — In Las Vegas, Aidan and Greenlee were married with Zach, Kendall, Ryan and Annie looking on. Zach asked Kendall to concentrate on their relationship, but she was suspicious of Annie’s involvement in Richie’s death. Flying back as a group, Ryan and Greenlee wound up alone together. Taylor rekindled her friendship with Frankie and revealed his heroism in Iraq to Angie and Jesse. Randi was jealous when she saw Taylor hug Frankie. Krystal told Adam she doesn’t love him. Samuel gave Erica a passionate kiss. Annie was tormented by memories of Richie.

THIS WEEK: Kendall and Greenlee team up to uncover Annie’s secret.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Rick Decker held Alison, Meg, Tom, Casey and Emily hostage at the hospital, threatening to let them all die from the poison. Chris developed an antidote. In the melee to trap Rick, Tom suffered a heart attack and Rick ran with Alison. Aaron snuck into the locked-down hospital to get to Rick and was shot in the action. Tom and Aaron were both rushed into surgery. Casey and Emily decided to annul their marriage. Lily made love to Mike, while Holden moved out of the farm and tried to unite with Carly. She spurned Holden because of Parker’s wild behavior and her need to care for her son. Neal returned to back out of the Snyder farm development deal.

THIS WEEK: Katie advises Liberty about how to blow off Parker.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Eric remained in serious condition. Bridget had a request for Taylor concerning Jack. Marcus and Steffy grew more serious and took their relationship to the next level. Ridge made a grave error that shocked his brother and sister. Ridge tried to intimidate Owen, but Owen continued to manipulate Donna and remain a powerful influence. Beth learned about Katie’s pregnancy and helped her keep it a secret when Bridget began asking questions. Brooke was stunned when she heard Ridge make accusations against Donna and Owen. Ridge threatened Marcus, wanting him to steer clear of Steffy. Owen kissed Donna again.

THIS WEEK: Marcus and Owen get into a scuffle.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John found Marlena on the floor of the penthouse after having been attacked with the same drug that she used to put Stefano into a coma. Kayla came up with an antidote, but before she could administer it to Marlena, the hospital’s seventh floor was gassed and everyone was in jeopardy. John declared himself at war with Stefano. Stefano tried to trigger John’s brain to respond to his commands, but John was immune. After suffering from the gas, Sami and EJ opened up and admitted their love. Steve and Kayla came to from the vapors and discovered baby Joe was gone. Stefano tossed the disk of John’s memories in the trash.

THIS WEEK: Nicole has a fantasy in which she’s back in a 1940’s detective movie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny criticized Jason for not protecting those people he cares about. Lulu continued having visions of Logan. Johnny feared that his time with Lulu was coming to an end. Karpov ordered Jerry to kill Jason. On a stakeout, Jason had to cut things short when Spinelli passed out. Jax came home and Carly was overjoyed, until he said he was unsure about their marriage. Without telling Jax, Carly met with Karpov on the docks. Anthony tried to manipulate Sonny into seizing power from Jason. Lucky was worried that Sam was in over her head with the undercover work. Kate suspected that Sonny was back at work with the syndicate.

THIS WEEK: Sam and Lucky tell Elizabeth the truth.

GUIDING LIGHT — Reva informed Jeffrey that they’re getting married in two weeks. Daisy testified at Grady’s trial and blamed herself for causing the car to hit Tammy. Cyrus also took the stand and talked about Grady’s sad childhood. The jury found Grady not guilty. Alan was relieved, unaware that Jeffrey plans to bring charges against him. Alan had a convulsion and claimed that Gus spoke to him. Bill locked Dinah out of all parts of the company. Alan and Dinah teamed to get Spaulding back. Lizzie arranged a memorial for Max. Cassie and Josh ended their marriage. Jeffrey prepared to arrest Alan. Lizzie was determined to find Jonathan and Sarah.

THIS WEEK: Jeffrey and Reva come to a big decision.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Gigi and Delfina went to the Buchanan ranch to find the time portal. To reach Bo and Rex, Gigi had to be struck by lightning. She lands in 1968. Cord came to Llanview to see Sarah and had a reunion with Tina. Tess met with a contractor, plotting revenge on Jared and Natalie. Starr and Cole remained at odds. Nora asked Dallas what her intentions are for Clint. Todd forced himself into Starr’s room, giving her a Cole voodoo doll and urging her not to give away her baby. Blair and John continued to enjoy their romance. Brody opened the gift that Adriana sent to Gigi.

THIS WEEK: Todd figures out that Jessica is up to no good.

PASSIONS — Passions has come to an end; the show will air no more.

The Young and the Restless Lily demanded Chloe get a DNA test to prove that Cane is the father. The tests showed he could be the father. Lily told Cane to marry Chloe. Cane gave Chloe a ring and laid out the rules of their marriage. Jana and Kevin went to Malibu for a wedding at an ashram. Gloria was stunned when she recognized the guru conducting the wedding as her former husband. Michael came face to face with his father. Neil, Victoria, Nikki and Nick met with the Newman Enterprises board and Victoria was put in charge, much to Adam’s displeasure. In Mexico, Victor stalked Walter, the man responsible for the crash that killed David and Sabrina.

THIS WEEK: Tyra decides to tell Devon and Ana the truth.

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