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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zoe got caught up in the passion of the moment during her romantic night with Thomas. Liam worried that Zoe wouldn’t be able to maintain her perspective after Hope fessed up about Zoe and Thomas’s date. Thomas upped the ante in his scheme to get Hope by taking his relationship with Zoe to the next level. Still in love but torn apart, Brooke and Ridge fondly remembered their loving moments together. Thomas gave Hope a big surprise, which she did not see coming and did not appreciate. Wrongly convinced that Thomas was a changed man, Ridge went to Brooke in hope of reconciling. Thomas admitted to Shauna that Hope’s his end game and urged her to do what it takes to win Ridge. Liam was stunned to realize that Thomas has successfully manipulated Zoe.

THIS WEEK: Liam plots to reverse course. Shauna is conflicted about working with Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Marlena confronted “Hope” about her feelings for John. Kate threatened to expose Stefano. Gabi discovered someone vandalized Gabi Chic. Kristen was enraged when she spied Brady and Nicole kissing. Julie and Doug’s New Year’s Eve party was crashed by an unexpected couple. Kayla, Justin, Marlena and John shared theories about who might’ve been the mystery Santa Claus. Kristen was tormented by the thought of Brady being with Nicole. Eli received surprising news about the person who threw a rock through the Gabi Chic window. Marlena, John, Kayla and Justin were stunned by Steve’s return. Kristen told Brady that she wants him back. Kristen attacked Nicole. Gabi was stunned to discover Lani’s back in town. Xander and Victor realized Ciara has been playing them.

THIS WEEK: Kayla confronted Steve one-on-one. Gina lashed out at Rafe. Ciara supported Ben on the day of his final appeal.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason was disturbed about Sonny’s action and questioned Sonny’s motives. Carly met with Jax. Willow was apologetic and seemed contrite and genuine. Curtis called a meeting with Laura. Jax took off for Wyndemere. Carly was insistent. Sonny was upset and felt betrayed. Laura tried to persuade Charlotte. Sasha came to Valentin’s defense. Jason was baffled. Jax was at a loss. Diane confirmed the worst. Jason accepted his fate.

THIS WEEK: Ned struggled to be a good Dad. Michael tried to distract Sasha.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Chance shared with Devon and Jill that he quit his position as a federal agent and moving back to Genoa City. He’s excited to open his own private investigation and security firm. Jill grilled Chance about his budding relationship with Abby, but Chance was tight-lipped. Later, Jill comforted Devon as he reminisced the holidays with Neil. Jill promised Devon that she would do whatever it takes for him get his inheritance back from Colin. Abby invited Chance to attend her New Year’s Eve party at Society. At first, he thought she’s asking him to work as security, since the Abbotts and Newmans would be under one roof, but Abby clarified that she’s asking him to be her date. Chance gladly accepted. Adam was surprised when he learned that Victor and Nikki pulled strings to have Connor readmitted into Walnut Grove. At Society, Jack commended Phyllis’ restraint against Adam. Phyllis didn’t want to let revenge against Adam consume her and promised she’d take Jack’s advice about using her energy to focus on herself. Billy broke it to Victoria that she’d have to ring in New Year’s without him. She wished they could be together for their anniversary, but Billy couldn’t get out of work.

THIS WEEK: Victoria reminded Billy that she’d gladly save him again. Victoria hoped he didn’t relapse into his gambling addiction. Later, Billy texted Amanda if she has time to talk.

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