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RECAPS JAN. 27 - 31

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Eric and Ridge discussed how to deescalate tensions between Quinn and Brooke. Brooke and Quinn agreed to go to war. Wyatt confided in Liam that Sally has refused to accept the status of their relationship. Quinn struck back at Brooke for going after her marriage to Eric. Katie remained a steadfast friend to Sally during her time of worry. Quinn shared with Thomas about the feud between her and Brooke. Thomas was shocked at just how far Quinn went with Brooke and offered to work with her against their sworn enemy. Brooke interrogated Steffy about kissing Liam before heading to Liam’s and demanding that he fix things with Hope. Thomas interrupted Steffy as she tried to tell Hope the truth about her kiss with Liam. Brooke and Liam agreed that Thomas is still manipulating the situation but disagreed that he’s at fault over the kiss. Carter told Zoe that he thinks that she’s beautiful. Brooke questioned Liam about moving in to Steffy’s house. Carter spoke candidly with Zoe about whether or not she could trust Thomas. Thomas stunned Hope by making it evident that he woukd be spending the night with Zoe. Steffy and Liam shared a special moment. Shauna and Quinn reveled in how happy they are that Wyatt and Flo have reunited. Bill questioned Katie about what’s bothering her. Concerned for Sally, Wyatt told her that he would always be there for her. Katie accompanied Sally to an important appointment. Wyatt went to his father for advice about Sally. Shauna worried to Quinn that Sally might still be an obstacle in Flo and Wyatt’s future.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt and Bill agreed that they have both put Sally through much pain and heartache. Flo told Wyatt that they would both work towards getting Sally to a better place.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Will and Ciara debated whether or not they should come forward with the truth. Sonny and Evan grew closer. Kristen stirred up trouble for Eric and Nicole. Brady and Kristen bonded as they grieved over their daughter. John and “Steve” ran into familiar faces as they searched for Stefano. Kate realized Marlena’s in danger. Gina was rattled when Shawn arrived in Salem at Rafe’s behest. Lani learned Eli and Gabi are getting married. Anna, Tony and John were shocked when “Steve” lashed out at Anna. Kate confronted Gina about her and Stefano’s plans for John and Marlena. Rafe was stunned when Shawn explained his theory about his mother’s strange behavior. Chad grilled Kristen about her meeting with Stefano. John grew suspicious of “Steve.” Princess Gina tried to lure Marlena into a trap. Rafe and Shawn desperately tried to track down Gina. A guilt-ridden Kate made a confession. Believing Nicole’s with Brady, Eric turned to someone else for comfort.

THIS WEEK: Brady was thrown by Xander’s urgent request. “Steve” informed Marlena that John is dead Chad and Abigail made a startling discovery.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax wondered what the last straw would be. Micheal and Sasha relocated. Tracy and Ned disagreed. Carly was worried. Finn was upset. Anna felt protective. Jason delivered a warning. Curtis was suspicious. Sonny faced down an enemy. Nelle was miserable. Nina was disgusted. Martin got a call. Sonny worried about Mike. Carly tried to get to the truth. Anna felt strained. Flashback episodes: Liz is desperate. Monica stops by the ICU. Sony is looking to bargain. Brad tells Julian about his problem. Michael makes an interesting observation. Brad tried to explain. Jason had an update. Kim couldn’t help herself. Peter made a call. Michael ran into Josslyn. Hayden was sympathetic.

THIS WEEK: Kim was gutted. Elizabeth and Sam crossed paths.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mariah visited Sharon to help organize her cancer treatment records and offered to take the reins at Crimson Lights. Sharon gently turned Mariah down and playfully ordered her to live her own life. Sharon confided in Mariah that she doesn’t want lose control over her life and doesn’t need Rey or Nick to rescue her. Meanwhile at the Grand Phoenix, Abby wished Phyllis bad luck on her date with Chance. Abby’s knocked a little off her game when she witnessed the dynamic between Chance and Phyllis. She might actually have competition. Later, Phyllis and Chance enjoyed each other’s company at Society. Meanwhile at Society, Adam and Chelsea were excited for their first night out as an exclusive couple. Adam suggested taking a family vacation to Paris. Their date night took an awkward turn when Nick arrived at Society. Nick had a moment alone with Chelsea and shared that he’s happy for Connor that his parents are back together, but he reminded Chelsea she’s on the dark side with Adam. Jack sensed something’s wrong with Kyle as he distracted himself with work. Kyle admitted he might be screwing up his marriage. Jack comforted him that he’d get out of the rut with Lola. Mariah was frustrated that she couldn’t reach Tessa while she’s out tour. Meanwhile, Tessa basked in the luxury of touring with Tanner. Tanner shared about his less eccentric girlfriend, who’s the opposite of Tessa. Tessa realized that Tanner’s relationship might not be as fun as his songs. Phyllis was suspicious when Sharon didn’t take the bait during a snarky conversation.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis noticed the bandage from Sharon’s port procedure at the coffeehouse. Sharon fibbed that it’s a new tattoo. Phyllis’ suspicion grew as she watched Nick and Faith give their gentle attention to Sharon. She assumed Sharon’s health is in crisis.

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