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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Liam agreed that Thomas was still manipulating the situation but disagreed that he’s at fault over the kiss. Carter told Zoe that he thinks that she’s beautiful. Brooke questioned Liam about moving in to Steffy’s house. Carter spoke candidly with Zoe about whether or not she could trust Thomas. Thomas stunned Hope by making it evident that he would be spending the night with Zoe. Steffy and Liam shared a special moment. Shauna and Quinn reveled in how happy they are that Wyatt and Flo have reunited. Bill questioned Katie about what’s bothering her. Concerned for Sally, Wyatt told her that he would always be there for her. Katie accompanied Sally to an important appointment. Wyatt went to his father for advice about Sally. Shauna worried to Quinn that Sally might still be an obstacle in Flo and Wyatt’s future. Wyatt and Bill agreed that they have both put Sally through much pain and heartache. Flo told Wyatt that they would both work towards getting Sally to a better place. Steffy and Liam’s kiss continued to weigh heavily on Hope’s mind. Katie encouraged Sally as she returned to work at Forrester Creations. Carter watched Zoe’s fashion photo shoot intently then told Thomas that he and Forrester Creations are lucky to have her. Concerned for Sally, Katie shared her secret with Dollar Bill. Thomas laid out the next step of his plan to win Hope to Vinny. Thomas and everyone at Forrester Creations threw Zoe a surprise birthday party.

THIS WEEK: Katie continued to share Sally’s confidential medical diagnosis.

Carter offered Zoe a special gift. Vinny called Thomas out for how his plan is affecting Douglas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Xander was stunned when he found Eric and Sarah in a compromising position. Gina consoled John over Marlena’s “death.” Nicole came clean. Chad and Abigail had many questions after discovering the portrait of “Stevano.” Sarah declared her love for Xander! Eric and Nicole reconciled. Brady and Kristen shared a kiss. Ciara feared she’s let Ben down. Sarah and Xander had a romantic evening. Gabi scrambled to keep control over Julie’s heart. JJ and Lani made moves to thwart Gabi’s hold over Julie. Eric moved back in with Nicole. Ciara hit upon a new theory regarding Jordan’s killer. Clyde pushed Ben to escape with him from prison. Rafe and Roman arrived in Prague to search for Hope and Marlena. Gina drugged John! “Steve” revealed his true identity to Marlena. Gina went for broke to win over John.

THIS WEEK: Abigail and Chad questioned Kristen about the portrait of Steve. Will helped Clyde and Ben with their escape plan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny arrived at the ER. Nelle tried to appeal to Brooke Lynn’s senses. Nikolas went to see Laura. Willow questioned Brad’s bizarre behavior. Jax called Carly. Jax wondered what the last straw would be? Michael and Sasha relocated. Tracy and Ned disagreed. Peter was taken aback. Sam identified a possible ally. Carly was worried. Finn was upset. Anna felt protective. Julian called a truce. Martin paid Nelle a visit. Jason delivered a warning. Curtis was suspicious. Sonny faced down an enemy. Willow felt insecure. Nelle was miserable. Nina was disgusted. Martin got a call.

THIS WEEK: Lulu came clean with Laura. Brooke Lynn butted heads with Ned.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Coffeehouse, Victoria began to confront Billy when Amanda and Nate arrived. Victoria turned her attention to Amanda and accused her of sleeping with Billy. Amanda insisted to Victoria that she and Billy are not sleeping together. Victoria stormed out after she informed Billy that she has proof of his lies. Billy apologized to Amanda for getting her in the crossfires of his marriage. He suspects Victor manipulated Victoria into believing he and Amanda had an affair. Later, Phyllis warned Amanda not to get caught in the crossfire as Billy’s life implodes. Sharon tried to resume normalcy at Crimson Lights as she underwent chemotherapy. Sharon was suspicious when Phyllis arrived and was overly friendly to Sharon. Sharon wanted to put a stop to Phyllis’ behavior and told Phyllis that she has breast cancer. Phyllis promised to keep her secret. Phyllis ended their conversation with a snarky comment. Sharon appreciated their relationship is back to normal.

THIS WEEK: Mariah video chatted Tessa to tell her about Sharon but decided to wait when Tanner interrupted their conversation. Tanner told Tessa that he wants to set her up with his music label but Tessa insisted on staying loyal to Devon.

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