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RECAPS FEB. 10 — 14

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas and everyone at Forrester Creations threw Zoe a surprise birthday party. Katie continued to share Sally’s confidential medical diagnosis. Carter offered Zoe a special gift. Vinny called Thomas out for how his plan is affecting Douglas. Katie made Wyatt promise to keep Sally’s secret to himself. Brooke found Thomas’ birthday party for Zoe very suspicious. Ridge made it clear to Brooke exactly what’s keeping them apart. Vinny pled with Thomas not to make the same mistake twice. Hope lambasted Thomas for not consulting with her before making a move that involves Douglas. Thomas outlined for Hope exactly what Douglas wants. Flo welcomed Shauna back to her apartment. Wyatt reached out to Sally. Brooke encouraged Liam to make things right with Hope. Zoe attempted to make a connection with Douglas. Katie urged Sally to fight for her life. Liam faced off with Thomas. Hope became uneasy and Zoe became concerned when they overheard an argument between Thomas and Liam. Katie shared with Sally the pain and isolation she went through after giving birth to Will. Brooke caught Thomas eavesdropping on a quarrel she’s having with Ridge. Liam was floored when Hope made it clear that Thomas is not the problem between them. Brooke made a serious accusation against Thomas. Liam offered an apology to Hope.

THIS WEEK: Douglas made it clear that he’s not happy that his dad’s spending time with Zoe. Thomas made the ultimate sacrifice to obtain his end goal.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Marlena made a sacrifice to save John’s life. Stefano and Chad came to blows. Ben and Clyde’s prison escape went awry. Kate and Rafe desperately tried to track down Princess Gina. Princess Gina attempted to outwit Rafe. Chad and Abigail got locked inside Gina’s lair. “Steve” sought help from Kayla. Jennifer finally remembered it was Hope who pushed her off the balcony. Kayla smuggled “Steve” out of the hospital. Sarah and Eric received news about the bone marrow search for Mickey. Kristen kept a secret from Brady, even as they grew closer. Ciara hid Ben at the DiMera gatehouse. Shawn confronted Princess Gina and tried to get through to his mother. “Steve” continued to deceive Kayla. Gabi plotted to maintain control over Julie’s heart. Lani feared nothing would stop Eli from marrying Gabi today. Abe and Eli had a heart-to-heart about Lani. Gabi and Eli’s Valentine’s Day wedding began.

THIS WEEK: Chad and Abigail shared a romantic moment on Valentine’s Day. Chad discovered Ciara and Ben at the gatehouse!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny worried about Mike. Carly tried to get to the truth. Anna felt strained. Maxie had breakfast with Spinelli. Alexis ran into Neil. Sonny was reminded to appreciate the time he has. Sam and Jason met clandestinely. Finn’s committed to protect the woman he loves. Robert contacted the Feds. Nikolas ran into Elizabeth. Peter bonded with Emma. Robert was confrontational. Nina confided in Ava. Valentin got devastating news. Maxie misunderstood. Sam had an idea. Valentin made an announcement. Jax felt encouraged to move forward. Maxie complained to Lulu. Brad reached out to Nelle. Valentin’s life took a dark and terrible turn. Alexis offered her support. Willow was interrupted.

THIS WEEK: Lucas asked Sam for her opinion. Nelle felt jealous.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack’s shocked to hear Kyle confess that he never got Summer out of his system. Kyle’s broken when he admitted he can’t be the husband Lola deserves. Later, Jack visited the Ranch to defend Billy’s actions. Jack was shocked when Victor told him that Billy tried to kill Adam. Victor was furious that he gave Billy a second chance but admitted he’s not surprised that Billy has made a mess of his life. Mariah and Rey made Sharon laugh as she settled in for her first chemotherapy treatment. Rey explained how he doesn’t have to rush back to work since he dispersed some of his cases to his coworkers. Sharon didn’t like that he risked his job for her. She just wants to keep everything normal. Adam told Chelsea that he needs to go to Las Vegas to settle unfinished business. Adam gently convinced Chelsea that she shouldn’t know all the details about his trip. Chelsea asked if this has anything to do with his phone calls that she overheard about a woman asking questions. Adam promised to fill her in when the time’s right, and Chelsea trusts him. Chloe and Kevin shared the sonogram picture of her baby to Esther, Lauren and Michael. Chloe kept the suspense on the sex of the new baby. Kevin finally admitted that he secretly asked the nurse about the baby’s gender. Nate wasn’t happy to hear that Billy dragged Amanda into his messy breakup with Victoria. Billy nonchalantly shared that he survived a horrific car accident.

THIS WEEK: Nate tested Billy for a concussion just in case his cockiness wears off. Amanda and Nate worried his thrill-seeking lifestyle masks an addiction to adrenaline. Billy laughed off their diagnosis.

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