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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zoe explained to the Forresters why she accepted Thomas’ proposal. Thomas made an admission of guilt to Vinny. Brooke and Ridge argued about the legitimacy of Thomas’ intentions towards Zoe. They then brokered a deal about Thomas and their marriage. Hope comforted Douglas as long as she could before interrupting an intimate moment between Zoe and Thomas. Ridge was perplexed when Steffy showed him Sally’s latest designs. They discussed their disappointment and wondered if Sally should remain at Forrester Creations. Katie encouraged Sally to explore her treatment options. Wyatt put the plan he and Flo concocted to help Sally into motion. In order to save Sally’s job, Katie revealed Sally’s medical diagnosis to Ridge and Steffy. Ridge became committed to showing Sally how talented she is. Not realizing that Wyatt knows her secret, Sally told Wyatt that she still loves him. Steffy called Sally to a meeting at Forrester, which Sally apprehensively attended. Ridge surprised Sally with big news about his new couture line. Sally expressed her gratitude to Ridge and Steffy for showing her that she really does belong somewhere. Flo’s compassionate heart was revealed during a conversation with Wyatt about Sally. Katie continued to advocate on Sally’s behalf. Wyatt shocked Sally when he made a big request. Katie covered when Sally became suspicious about whether or not she’s told anyone that she’s terminally ill. Dollar Bill was impressed by Flo.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt expressed his love for Sally. Katie pressured Sally to accept Wyatt’s offer.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Maggie wrestled with unsettling memories. Gabi used a stunning revelation to her advantage. Ben and Ciara were separated once again as he’s escorted back to prison. Victor pressured Will not to expose Maggie. Maggie confronted Xander and Victor about the night of Adrienne’s death. Gabi made a last ditch effort to avoid prison. Valerie and Julie urged Eli to work things out with Lani. Sarah and Eric were faced with a difficult decision. Maggie made a confession to Sonny. Chad gloated to Gabi that she’s been fired from DiMera. Eli and Lani reunited! Justin was thrown when “Steve” showed up on his doorstep. Ben prepared for his execution. Stefano attacked Gabi! Will had a big surprise for Sonny. Maggie offered a heartfelt apology to Justin. Rafe confronted Evan about his deceit. Ciara received key information about Jordan’s killer.

THIS WEEK: Stefano told Justin that he wants Marlena in exchange for Kayla. Ben said goodbye to Clyde before his execution began.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael enjoyed his morning. Monica received good news. Jason was of comfort. Julian visited Brad. Willow tried to get back in the swing of things. Ava hatched a plan. Nelle dug her heels in. Carly delivered a stern warning. Sam unleashed on Julian. Brook Lynn put two and two together. Trina and Cameron made a pact. Jordan brought Laura up to speed. Nikolas confided in Liz, Joss got surprising information. Brook Lynn laid out her terms. Ava stood her ground. Carly was alarmed. Alexis thought about what might have been. Trina and Cameron headed out on their first date. TJ got sage advice. Molly was conflicted. Spinelli came through. Willow shocked Michael. Sasha needed to do what’s right for her.

THIS WEEK: Alexis comforted her daughter. Lucas was confused.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda dissuaded Billy from going to Victor’s gala. He said he would behave himself and headed off alone. Amanda didn’t trust Billy’s decision making and followed him to the Newman Gala. Adam told Chelsea he’s thinking of offering to help at Newman. Chelsea’s afraid that this might seem opportunistic, but as Adam’s future wife, she would support him in whatever he decides to do. At Society, Nick was worried Victor’s overworking himself trying to run Newman Enterprises. Later, Adam arrived and offered to take charge at Newman while Victoria recovers. Victor said he must consider it, which was not the answer Adam wanted. In an attempt to get Phyllis to back off, Abby offered to buy Phyllis’ shares of the Grand Phoenix at three times their worth. Phyllis was suspicious and said she needs to think it over. When Abby confronted Phyllis again about taking the offer, Phyllis stalled. At Society, Theo informed Mariah about a picture on social media of Tanner and Tessa, which made them look like a couple; Mariah was disturbed.

THIS WEEK: On a video call between Mariah and Tessa, Tanner appeared shirtless in Tessa’s room. Mariah abruptly asked Tessa if she and Tanner had slept together, and Tessa, offended and hurt, did not answer the question.

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