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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie slipped up causing Sally to become suspicious of whether she told Wyatt about her terminal illness. Flo and Katie agreed that they need to help Sally however they’re able. Flo expressed to Katie that she know that Wyatt’s the man for her because of what he’s doing for Sally. Sally gave her final decision to Wyatt. Vinny questioned Thomas about his plan to manipulate Hope into marrying him. Hope attempted to comfort Douglas by telling him that in time he would become used to his dad and Zoe being married. Vinny slammed Thomas for the terrible way he’s treating his own son. Thomas put his plan into high gear and accelerated the wedding. Liam admitted to Steffy that not living with Hope and Beth has been difficult for him. Douglas became upset by the news that his dad and Zoe are getting married immediately. Thomas showed Zoe the wedding dress he designed for her, as well as the wedding dress he designed for the Hope for the Future line. Hope blew up at Thomas for confusing Douglas about who his mother is. Steffy overheard a private conversation that changed her point of view. Liam assured an upset Hope that Thomas is only trying to trick her into marrying him and urged her to call Thomas out. Carter questioned Thomas’ motives to Zoe and told her that she could do better than her fiancé. Liam professed his love for Hope and revealed that his heart would always be with her. Steffy made a confession. Thomas made it clear to Hope that Zoe would be a big part of Douglas’ future. Shauna questioned Flo about the current status of her relationship with Wyatt and the part that Sally plays in it.

THIS WEEK: Douglas begged Hope to marry Thomas instead of Zoe. Shauna realized that Ridge and Brooke would reunite after Thomas and Zoe are man and wife.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara tried to stop Ben’s execution! Evan revealed his secret to Sonny. Kayla was horrified as Rolf suggested a new way for Stefano to have Marlena. Justin turned to John for help. In a race against time, Ciara and Will worked to exonerate Ben. As the lethal injection began, Ben had flashes of his life with Ciara. Kristen laid into Gabi. Xander was upset when he ran into Dr. Raynor, who knew about the baby switch. Ben flatlined! Rafe made an appeal to Evan to find David. Nicole suspected Xander and Dr. Raynor shared a secret. Maggie prepared to turn herself in. Justin and Marlena met with Stefano to negotiate Kayla’s release. Roman blasted Kate for aiding and abetting Gina and Stefano. Chad fell under Stefano’s spell. Jennifer had an intense confrontation with Princess Gina. John and Justin’s plan went horribly awry. Chad prepared to carry out his father’s deadly wishes.

THIS WEEK: Julie blasted Gabi for her actions. Eli and Lani’s reunion was interrupted by unhappy news.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Multiple casualties were admitted to the ER at General Hospital. Laura was confrontational. Sonny demanded answers. Brando was advised to steer clear. Willow prepared for the worst. Brook Lynn was anxious. Micheal looked to Ned for support. Alexis offered legal advice. Julian wasn’t fooled. Peter struggled with his charade. Jason confronted Curtis. Willow had a hard time facing reality. Chase looked to Michael for advice. Belle began her defense. Brook Lynn was incensed. Olivia presented a reminder of what could be. Ava visited Elizabeth. Jordan was furious. Spinelli pressed obrecht. Peter contacted Anna. Carly let Nelle have it. Alexis ran into Nelle. Anna cornered Obrecht. Finn bonded with violet.

THIS WEEK: Nina returned from her work trip. Molly confided in Jordan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack called Ashley and suggested that she come home to visit Dina. Ashley agreed and made plans for a visit to Genoa City. Phyllis made Abby an official offer to buy out her shares of the Grand Phoenix. Abby again turned her down. However, Abby later told Phyllis that she would accept her offer, giving her a letter of intent. In Adam’s Penthouse, Adam gave Chance his blessing to break into Phyllis’ suite and steal the recording of their conversation in Vegas. Chance enlisted Kevin to help and agreed to give him a generous payment in order to destroy the recording. In her Grand Phoenix Suite, Amanda had a nightmare about Ripley. Later, Billy checked in on Amanda, and they agreed to start fresh in their relationship. Amanda asked him to stay with her while she slept. He slept on the sofa, but later comforted her when she had another nightmare about Ripley. Meanwhile, a bad ice storm was approaching Genoa City. Rey was called in to help and Sharon encouraged him to go even though she’s not feeling well. He left Faith in charge of taking care of her mom. Victor invited Adam to come to the ranch to discuss the future of Newman.

THIS WEEK: As Victor and Adam’s discussion became heated, a loud noise was heard outside: a cedar tree had fallen on the property. Because of the storm, Adam and Victor had all night to hash out their differences.

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