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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy confessed a secret that she’s been keeping. Brooke was skeptical when Thomas spoke of his wedding plans to Zoe. Bill assured Brooke that if Ridge wouldn’t protect her then he would. Steffy, Liam and Hope discussed their next move. Bill surprised Brooke with a kiss. Thomas reminisced about his wedding day with Hope. Douglas told Thomas that he doesn’t want him to marry Zoe. A moment of passion overtook Bill and Brooke. Later, Brooke reminded Bill of his love for Katie and her love for Ridge. Shauna visited Ridge at Forrester Creations. Shauna worried that if Thomas marries Zoe that Ridge would reunite with Brooke. After Zoe left, Thomas continued to pressure Douglas into his plan to win Hope. Ridge attempted to assure Brooke that they would be together again. Steffy, the last-minute maid-of-honor, helped Zoe get ready for her wedding. Brooke and Steffy, separately, warned Zoe not to trust Thomas. Thomas became displeased when Liam arrived at the wedding. Vinny tried to hide his anxiety about Thomas’ plan as he made small talk with Carter, Quinn and Eric. He asked Thomas to stop the madness and cancel the ceremony. Little Douglas watched his world fall apart as the wedding of Thomas Forrester and Zoe Buckingham began. Hope followed the little boy after he had a melt-down mid-ceremony. The wedding guests, along with Carter, Zoe and Thomas, were stunned when Hope and Douglas returned to the wedding ceremony.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt was surprised by Bill’s feelings for Brooke. Bill explained that he feels for his ex, and all the trouble that Ridge and Thomas have put upon her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John, Justin, and Kayla found themselves in grave danger. Marlena tried to talk her way out of Rolf’s procedure. Chad attempted to smother Gabi. Ben thanked Ciara for saving his life. Chad received orders to kill Kate. Stefano tried to reconnect with Marlena after Dr. Rolf ’s procedure. Justin confided in Jack his fear about losing Kayla. John sought Gina’s help to find Stefano and Marlena. John apprehended Rolf. Gina taunted Shawn and Ciara, insisting they would never get their mother back. Kate’s unaware her life’s in danger. To Rafe’s dismay, Evan scored a legal victory. Will laid into Victor. Kristen and Brady reminisced about Rachel. Rafe and Sonny confronted Evan. Suspicious Nicole questioned Xander about Dr. Raynor. Evan met up with someone unexpected. Kristen asked Eric if she could hold Mickey.

THIS WEEK: Nicole started to put the pieces together regarding Mickey and Rachel. Will and Sonny recommitted to their marriage.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Alexis couldn’t help herself. Maxie supported Peter. Jason found refuge at the Quartermaines. Diane hatched an idea to help Michael. Sasha had her doubts. Neil was interrupted. Julian ran into Ava. Brad got a warning. Mac hosted a gathering. Jordan got a reassuring text. Sonny made his intentions clear. Neil was stunned. Molly pressed Jordan for info. Brook Lynn was inspired. Lucas softened towards Julian. Stella paid Curtis a visit. Jordan was beside herself. Michael was amused. Sasha confided in Willow. Brad was amazed. Michael and Sasha had an emotional discussion. Willow began to open up. Brook Lynn confronted Julian.

THIS WEEK: Sam met with Spinelli. Curtis tried to figure out what Jordan was keeping from him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Grand Phoenix, Chance snuck into Phyllis’ suite intent on finding the recorded conversation between him and Adam in Vegas. Abby insisted on helping to locate the recording. She found the thumb drive and then poured water on Phyllis’ laptop to destroy any additional copy of the recording on it. Victor seemed poised to offer Adam the job to fill in as CEO while Victoria recovered from her attack. However, Nick then called Victor and told him that he would accept his offer to be CEO of Newman in Victoria’s absence. Victoria invited Billy to the ranch, but informed him that going forward they would be co-parents and nothing more. Billy checked in with Amanda at the Grand Phoenix who expressed interest in them remaining friends; Billy agreed. Rey sensed Sharon’s disappointment when she’s unable to do her chemotherapy infusion because her immune system’s weakened. He called Nikki who came to see Sharon. The next day Adam, Chelsea, and Conner arrived in Kansas; in private, Adam revealed his disappointment to Chelsea at the rundown state of Hope’s farm.

THIS WEEK: After some hesitation, Sharon confessed her fears about her cancer to Nikki. Chelsea surprised Adam with tickets to Kansas to plan their wedding and show Connor Hope’s Farm.

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