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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The wedding guests settled their emotions at the end of Thomas and Zoe’s wedding. Carter wished that Zoe would find herself at the altar again with someone who truly loves her. Steffy commended Douglas for his bravery. Ridge apologized to Brooke who took this opportunity to move in for a kiss. Douglas got “crafty” in his plan to reunite Liam and Hope. Ridge shared a poignant father/ daughter moment with Steffy. Hope was charmed by Douglas and Liam’s impromptu wedding idea. Brooke welcomed Ridge back home with a special outfit and sexy ambiance. Bill informed Wyatt about what went down at the wedding. Wyatt was amazed by Bill’s retelling of the day. Douglas played a special role when Liam and Hope bonded their family together. Brooke and Ridge continued their love-fest. Ridge gave Brooke a special gift that would help her remember all of the wonderful moments of their lives together. Quinn recapped the wedding debacle to Shauna who realized that this means that Ridge and Brooke would reunite. Katie and Bill hoped that Sally would soon tell Wyatt the truth about her terminal illness.

THIS WEEK: Happy that they’re together, Sally dodged Wyatt’s pointed questions while evading texts from Dr. Penny Escobar. Shauna told Quinn that she saw something that makes her concerned for Ridge.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole reeled as she realized Mackenzie could be Brady and Kristen’s child. Xander proposed to Sarah! Evan conspired to keep David. John questioned Kristen about Stefano. Clyde was thrown when Ben told him Evan’s real name. Ciara delivered bad news to Ben. Gina made one last plea to Rolf to save her. Lani and Eli helped Rafe search for David. Hope was shocked to learn Rolf turned her into Princess Gina. Clyde revealed to Ben how he was partly responsible for Jordan meeting Evan. Rafe grilled Evan. Jennifer and Kayla revealed devastating news to Hope. Stefano instructed Chad to organize a family reunion. Xander warned Victor that Nicole’s on to them. Kristen and Brady comforted one another as they reminisce about Rachel. Nicole took steps to prove her suspicions. Nicole picked a fight with Kristen. Hope pressed Kayla to learn what other damage she caused while she was Gina.

THIS WEEK: Stefano made headway with Marlena. Chad attacked Kate and Gabi.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny stayed true to his word. Jason was on high alert. Julian was relieved. Josslyn was miserable. Ava had big plans. Jason was wary. Jordan told Sam to back off. Alexis changed the conversation. Laura crossed Josslyn. Michael played with Wiley. Trina was full of blame. Maxie and lulu traded barbs. Jordan felt pressured. Sasha had an idea. Ned worked his magic at ELQ. Brando was worried. Anna blamed Jason. Spinelli got some unsolicited advice. Carly and Jax discussed Josslyn’s future. Nina stood firm. Brook Lynn had it out with Lulu. Lucy had an interesting proposal. Valentin considered his next move.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli was fuming. Willow attempted to clear the air.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Coffeehouse, Devon and Elena found out Jared’s grandfather died. Nate and Devon tried to advise Jared on how to move forward, but in private, Amanda said they might be overwhelming him. While they’re talking, Jared disappeared from the Coffeehouse. After searching for Jared and not finding him, Nate and Amanda connected while talking about her childhood spent in foster homes. Angry at Chance and Abby for having broken into her room, Phyllis barged into Chance’s Grand Phoenix Suite and suggested she would release the additional recording of Chance and Adam’s conversation in Vegas. On the private jet, Mariah apologized to Tessa for cheating on her. She admitted that she had not told Tessa that she lost her job and that Sharon has breast cancer. She asked Tessa to give her another chance. At Sharon’s house, Nikki asked Sharon to help counsel Victoria after her stabbing, and Sharon said she would think about it.

THIS WEEK: Chance told Jill at the Grand Phoenix that Colin laundered the money he got from Devon and that he might have used Jill’s accounts to do so. Later, he went to Society to tell Abby he needs to chase down Colin; Abby insisted that she would come with him.

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