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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The fallout from the video of Brooke and Bill kissing was enormous. Unable to keep quiet any longer, Quinn admitted she uploaded the video to Brooke’s digital photo frame. Shauna packed her bags to leave for Vegas and explained to Flo how she came to shoot the video of Bill and Brooke but did not want to use it against Brooke as she knew it would break Ridge’s heart. Quinn urged Ridge to act fast to prevent Shauna from leaving town. Bill pled for Katie’s forgiveness. Brooke and Quinn fiercely confronted one another. Ridge made a powerful decision about his relationships with Brooke and Shauna. Shauna gave Ridge every reason why he should go back to Brooke. Ridge gave Shauna every reason why he shouldn’t. Not realizing that Ridge’s already with Shauna, Brooke vowed to Quinn that she wouldn’t break up her marriage. Bill agreed to allow Katie her space but also promised to fight for their marriage. Sally became upset when she overheard Wyatt make plans to see Flo. Zoe visited Flo and weighed in on the Flo-Wyatt-Sally living situation. Sally decided to get on Flo’s good side and made a surprising gesture towards Flo. Dr. Penny Escobar was becoming increasingly unnerved by Sally’s behavior. Sally surprised Wyatt with an intimate set up. Steffy and Zoe worked on the new Forrester Fall Collection.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt asked Sally to do something significant for him. Flo paid an unexpected visit to Penny to see what she could find out about Sally’s illness.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady was shot! Stefano urged Marlena to end John’s life. Anna and Abigail attempted to rescue their loved ones. Abe helped Nicole track down Dr. Raynor. Abigail tried to break Stefano’s spell over a brainwashed Chad. Kayla and Justin discussed the fate of their relationship. Anna created complete chaos at Stefano’s hideout. Ben and Ciara discussed their future. Nicole was stunned when someone from her past showed up on her doorstep. Sheila returned with a big surprise for Eli. Clyde turned Ben’s world upside down when he escaped from prison. Leo returned and had an intriguing offer for Will and Sonny. Eric realized Nicole lied to him. Nicole confronted Dr. Raynor. John tricked Rolf to get what he wants. Eli and Lani had a frosty encounter with Gabi. Eric confronted Abe about Nicole. Kristen and Tony bonded over their feelings about their father.

THIS WEEK: Hattie said farewell to Salem. Brady was perplexed by Mackenzie’s birthmark.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nelle confronted Carly. Monica had good news. Mike was disoriented. Trina confided in Ava. Molly told Sam she’s angry. Julian was concerned. Finn sensed his friend might be in trouble. Curtis wanted to know more about Taggert. Ned got a surprising update from Brook Lynn. Lulu attempted to make amends. Carly saw Brando’s softer side. Trina was angered by what she overheard. Nina spent time with Charlotte. Jax was wary of the decisions being made at Crimson. Brook Lynn taunted Lulu. Laura told Robert that she has a few plans of her own. Jason gave Sam a stern warning. Molly asked Brando for help. Trina confided in Ava. Sonny felt like he’s failing Mike. Laura and Robert faced Cyrus down. Jason wanted to put a little distance between himself and Sam for a while. Jordan was conflicted.

THIS WEEK: Ava cautioned Nina. Nikolas pondered the repercussions of his marriage.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon confessed her fears to Mariah that the tumor had not shrunk and that she might need a mastectomy. Mariah encouraged her, saying they would get through it together. Sharon confirmed her appointment for her scan and told Mariah and Rey that she would like to go alone, wanting to hear the results by herself. At Dark Horse, Nick accused Billy of using Victoria and was frustrated with Jill for not mentioning Billy’s involvement with the new Chancellor venture on the property. Lily eventually interrupted them and stopped their fight from escalating. At Society, Victor informed Nikki that he would be going to Kansas to check on Hope’s farm. She questioned his decision to go while Victoria’s recovering, but Victor was insistent. At Newman Ranch, Victoria vented her frustration to Nick about her slow recovery and then suddenly started having chest pains. At the Abbott house, Jack, Traci and Ashley found a document Dina wrote before her Alzheimer’s took hold. They all became emotional as they read Dina’s notes, which expressed her regret at leaving her family and issued an apology to her children.

THIS WEEK: At the Grand Phoenix, Summer noticed Nick and Phyllis flirting, which frustrated her. Later, Summer separately confronted both Phyllis and Nick about their relationship.

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