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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie gave Steffy an update on her situation with Bill. Sally made a promise to Wyatt if he’s willing to make a promise to her in return. Flo pressed Dr. Escobar for answers. Sally made a move on Wyatt. Brooke was beside herself that she cannot locate Ridge. Donna did her best to reassure Brooke that everything would work out. Quinn attempted to do damage control with Eric for outing Brooke and Bill’s passionate kiss. Donna proposed to Brooke that she went to Katie on Brooke’s behalf and attempted to negotiate forgiveness. Ridge gave Shauna an alternate idea when she suggested that he call Brooke. Bill paid an unexpected visit to Brooke. Ridge and Shauna deepened their connection. Donna desperately tried to get Katie to see Brooke’s perspective and forgive her. Brooke went to Eric to see if he would assist her in learning Ridge’s whereabouts. Eric was conflicted between his support of Brooke and now his disappointment in her. Flo sensed that something’s off about Dr. Escobar. Brooke blamed Quinn to Eric. Quinn overheard and made her presence known. Shauna distracted Ridge from his troubles. Brooke demanded that Quinn share Ridge’s location. Dr. Escobar became fed up with Sally’s obsession with Wyatt. Wyatt was shocked when Flo told him that she feels it’s time for Sally to move out of his house.

THIS WEEK: Brooke got creative in tracking Ridge. Shauna and Ridge had a wild night in Las Vegas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nicole revealed to Eric the truth about Mackenzie. Xander made plans for his and Sarah’s nuptials. John nervously awaited news about Marlena’s surgery. Stefano was determined to thwart Kayla’s attempts to end his control over Steve’s body. Stefano made one last request to see his children. Eric prepared to tell Brady and Kristen the truth about their daughter. Kayla made a bold decision in order to get Steve back. Abigail and Anna voiced their concern over Chad and Tony. Kayla and Sarah encountered an unexpected complication during Steve’s surgery. Eric shared a tearful goodbye with Mackenzie. Xander had a surprising request for Sonny. Evan met with Ben face-to-face. Justin confided in Jennifer about his fear of losing Kayla. Victor and Xander shared a touching moment. Eric and Nicole intercepted Sarah on the day of her wedding. Kayla sat vigil with Steve after his surgery. Sarah got the shock of her life.

THIS WEEK: Kristen struggled with her pain. Marlena tried to help Steve. Steve woke up from his surgery, but there’s a hitch.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Laura and Robert faced Cyrus down. Jason wanted to put a little distance between himself and Sam. Jordan was conflicted. Ava cautioned Nina. Nikolas pondered the repercussions of his marriage. Jason held his ground. Sonny had reason to worry about Brando. Michael discussed his next moves. Willow’s interest was piqued. Carly was pushed to her limit. Bobbie got unsettling news. Nina tried to reason with Nelle. Sonny worried about Carly. Michael was stressed. Willow felt apologetic. Jax took the blame.

THIS WEEK: An heirloom held significant value. Nina got closer to the truth.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria told Nikki that in light of her conversation with Billy, she feels newly energized and ready to get back to work. Nikki was nervous for Victoria, but at Victor’s office, Nick’s very happy to have her back. After Victoria gave him the rest of the day off, Nick ran into Nikki at the Grand Phoenix and tried to get her to trust that Victoria could take care of herself. Nikki soon realized that Nick’s there to meet Phyllis; she dissuaded him from being with Phyllis again, but quickly realized Nick’s not going to listen to her. Phyllis told Amanda that she and Nick were going to try being together again. Amanda was happy for her, and Phyllis in turn encouraged Amanda to go for it with Nate. The medical clinic opened, and Devon congratulated Elena and Nate on a successful first day. Later at the clinic, Amanda asked Nate out on a date. Abby and Chance returned from Europe, and Abby told Devon that Colin has been caught. Devon in turn informed Amanda at Society, and Jill apologized to Amanda for misjudging her. Devon offered Amanda a job as the attorney for the medical clinic, and Amanda said she would think about it. As she’s leaving, Amanda confessed to Devon that she’s going on a date with Nate. At the clinic meanwhile, Elena advised Nate on his date with Amanda. Adam met with Victor and claimed he has evidence to take him down. Victor wondered why Adam had become so hostile, but Adam stood his ground. Victor called his bluff and warned Adam that his actions could end their truce.

THIS WEEK: Kyle and Theo argued in front of Dina, which upset her; Jack witnessed this and angrily told Kyle and Theo that their feud had gotten out of control. At Chancellor Communications, Lily and Billy offered Traci the opportunity to run a serialized online fiction division of their company.

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