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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke went to Eric to see if he would assist her in learning Ridge’s whereabouts. Eric was conflicted between his support of Brooke and now his disappointment in her. Flo sensed that something’s off about Dr. Escobar. Brooke blamed Quinn to Eric. Quinn overheard and made her presence known. Shauna distracted Ridge from his troubles. Brooke demanded that Quinn share Ridge’s location. Dr. Escobar became fed up with Sally’s obsession with Wyatt. Wyatt was shocked when Flo told him that she feels it’s time for Sally to move out of his house. Brooke got creative in tracking Ridge. Shauna and Ridge had a wild night in Las Vegas. Ridge woke up with a raging hangover and stunned to see Brooke, not Shauna. Bill confronted Quinn about the stunt she pulled in showing everyone the salacious video. Flo remained adamant that Sally moving out of Wyatt’s beach house is the best solution for everyone. Wyatt fiercely pled with Sally to reconsider treatment for her “illness.” Bill threatened Quinn that he would destroy her if she ever hurt Katie again. Sally was blindsided and furious when Wyatt suggested that she go to a clinic. Knowing that Flo’s behind Wyatt’s decision, Sally worked on making Wyatt feel guilty.

THIS WEEK: Quinn attempted to talk to Katie about the video but steadfastly refused to apologize for her part in exposing Brooke for who she really is. Flo jumped at searching Dr. Penny Escobar’s computer when the opportunity presented itself.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric and Nicole delivered shocking news to Brady. Sarah and Xander’s wedding began. Kayla and Steve had an emotional breakthrough. Marlena and John intervened on Kristen’s behalf. Sarah blasted Xander for his deception. Nicole comforted Eric as he mourned the loss of his baby. Brady told Kristen the stunning news about Rachel. Kayla informed Steve that she’s with Justin now. Eric confronted Xander about the baby switch. Sarah made a shocking decision! Jack encouraged Steve to fight for Kayla. Will and Sonny discussed expanding their family. Hope continued to struggle with her past as Gina. Rafe received shocking news from Evan’s lawyer, Zoey. Ben was delighted by Ciara’s surprise. Sonny gave Justin a warning about Steve. John broke the news to Marlena about Orpheus.

THIS WEEK: Rafe and Orpheus faced off over David. Justin informed Steve that he would fight for Kayla. Kayla was torn between Justin and Steve.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Peter wished Robert had a distraction. Dr. Obrecht got a visit. Jax surprised Nina. Laura intercepted a message meant for Lulu. Valentin got a leg up. Michael was intimidated. Willow turned to Chase for comfort. Nelle ran into Valentin. Finn planned an epic birthday party for Violet. Peter continued to manipulate Maxie. Nicolas and Sonny faced-off. Jason stole time with Sam. Willow couldn’t stop worrying about Wiley.

THIS WEEK: Finn outdid himself. Violet’s party was full of mischief and emotion.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — A code enforcement officer came to the Grand Phoenix and told Abby that he’s shutting down her construction across the street. Nick arrived while Abby and Phyllis were arguing, and Abby discovered that they’re back together. At Adam’s Penthouse, Alyssa confronted Chelsea, asking why Adam has not published her expose. When Adam returned, he told Alyssa that he intends to have her article published in a national magazine, which placated her. Nick and Phyllis discussed their relationship in Phyllis’ suite; Nick told her that he’s all in, and they made love. On their date at Society, Nate and Amanda shared a first kiss. Meanwhile at Jabot, Summer and Kyle worked on his pitch to Jack. Summer admitted to Kyle that she suspects that Theo’s stealing their work product. Summer decided to set a trip for Theo. Phyllis revealed to Chance that she’s planning on giving the flash drive to Nick to stop Adam from going after Victoria and Victor. Chance told Abby that he destroyed the flash drive, and she suggested that they could record another conversation with him and Adam talking about what happened in Vegas.

THIS WEEK: Chance did not want to betray Adam, because Adam saved his life. Nikki pressed Victor to tell her the secret he’s keeping about his trip to Kansas. Victor agreed to tell her but warned the secret could destroy the Newman Family.

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