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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Sally feigned understanding to Wyatt about why he and Flo want her to move out but underneath her calm exterior, she’s seething at Flo. Stunned, Flo attempted to process what she’s just learned from Sally’s file on Penny’s computer. Quinn and Katie shared their sadness over Sally’s condition. Wyatt expressed his guilt over Sally to Quinn and Katie. Unaware that she knows the truth about her, Sally attempted to butter up Flo. Flo played a trick on Sally. Katie disapproved of Wyatt’s decision to ask Sally to move out. Wyatt scoffed but Quinn agreed when Katie suggested that Sally might not like Flo. Wyatt was surprised that Quinn took Katie’s side. Flo and Sally played cat and mouse until Flo finally revealed to Sally that the jig is up, that she knows the truth! Knowing that she’s caught, Sally admitted everything to a shocked Flo. Sally attempted to blame Flo for her decisions but Flo refused to allow Sally to play the victim any longer. Bill helped Wyatt work through his feelings regarding Flo and Sally. Sally became fearful of Flo when she pulled out her phone to call Wyatt. Dr. Escobar arrived at a critical point in Sally and Flo’s argument; and made a split second decision that changed everything. Wyatt and Bill shared their regrets with one another about their life decisions, Donna went to Katie in an attempt to mediate between her and Brooke. Later, Bill apologized to Katie, but she’s not ready to hear it yet.

THIS WEEK: Sally used Penny’s quick thinking to her advantage with Wyatt. Penny and Sally disagreed on what to do with an unconscious Flo.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve made a surprising decision regarding Kayla. Orpheus paid Marlena a visit. Rafe was thrown when Zoey declared she’s suing for custody of David. Jack comforted Jennifer, who’s unnerved about Orpheus being free. Hope and Steve commiserated together. Gabi went up against Chad. Kayla told Justin her decision about their future. Kate applied for a job with Abe. Brady, Kristen, Eric, and Nicole waited for word on Sarah and the baby. Chad and Abigail took opposite sides over Kristen and Sarah’s situation. Victor berated Xander for allowing the truth to come out. Gabi lobbied for the CEO position at DiMera. Gabi was stunned when she saw a familiar face. Li Shin made a decision about Chad’s fate at DiMera. Kristen attacked Victor! Sarah hid out in Paris with Rachel. Chad and Abigail celebrated their victory. Victor was rushed to the hospital!

THIS WEEK: Ben had a shocking encounter. Xander pled with Sarah on the phone, insisting he could help her.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny was surprised. Michael was reluctant to leave Wiley’s side. Robert shared somber news. Nikolas supported Ava. Valentin was struck by Charlotte’s behavior. Sonny missed his meeting with Cyrus. Julian catched the attention of an unwelcome source. Valentin was thrown for a loop. Laura tried to reason with Lulu. Jason made a gut wrenching decision. Willow was devastated. Nina learned a little more about Nelle. Sam apologized to Alexis. Elizabeth wanted what’s best for her son. Sonny learned his options. Sonny confided in Jason. Sam crossed Brando. Jordan contemplated resigning.

THIS WEEK: Lulu got a surprising phone call. Alexis’ day went from bad to worse.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis confronted Abby and Chance at Society, revealing she knows they broke into her safety deposit box and got the flash drive. Phyllis revealed that she was planning on giving the flash drive to Nick to stop Adam from going after Victoria and Victor. Chance told Abby that he destroyed the flash drive, and she suggested that they could record another conversation with him and Adam talking about what happened in Vegas. However, Chance did not want to betray Adam, because Adam saved his life. After she and Jack agreed they needed to take care of themselves while also caring for Dina, Traci spent a relaxing evening at the Grand Phoenix. Rey also planned a night away with Sharon at the Grand Phoenix, partly to try to prevent her from hearing about the Adam takeover at Newman. Sharon revealed that she already knows, but realized she needs to focus on her health and not Newman family drama. Nick came to the ranch and confronted Victor about Adam taking over Newman. When Victor refused to reveal his plans, Nick recommended Victor confide in Nikki, even if he would not confide in Nick and Victoria. Eventually, Victor told Nikki what really happened in Kansas, and she said that they would get through it together.

THIS WEEK: At the Chancellor Mansion, Chelsea threw a baby shower for Chloe. Kevin and Chloe were touched and marvel at how much their life has changed from a year ago.

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