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RECAPS April 27 – May 1

The COVID 19 pandemic has finally caught up with daytime programming. Two shows, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful have run out of new pre-recorded episodes and are running classic episodes. This is a great opportunity to relish, relive and remember great moments from the past or discover background information on characters and stories you might have missed. General Hospital is stretching their new episodes by incorporating flashbacks into those episodes. Days of Our Lives is still broadcasting live episodes.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — B&B begins the week with a novel approach of airing a two -part documentary, which will include behind the scenes footage of cast and crew to show what goes into producing this series. The documentary will air Monday and Tuesday. Later in the week B&B will rerun two episodes from July 27 and 28, 2016. The classic episodes feature the drama and intrigue of Eric appearing at the Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo where he announces he is coming out of retirement and will take the reigns back of his company as CEO of Forrester Creations. It is also the chance for Steffy is shine as the new It Girl for Spencer’s, as the company strives to create a massive online experience. Steffy already has millions of followers in that regard. Meanwhile Quinn was on her way to Monte Carlo and had a most unpleasant flight experience. Eric’s successful announcement was tempered by his mixed feelings about Quinn. When Quinn arrives in Monte Carlo, she speaks to Eric on the phone, but doesn’t tell him she’s in Monte Carlo. Instead, she surprises him on the dock and he kisses her.

THIS WEEK: More classic encore episodes to come.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Brady goes to extremes to protect Kristen. Abigail has a terrifying experience. Ben can’t get over Jake’s resemblance to an old friend. Gabi tells Will about seeing Stefan’s reflection in the store window. Abigail and Chad learn the reason for her hallucinations. Hope apologizes to John and Marlena for her actions as Gina. Justin gives Rafe disheartening news about his plans to adopt David. Kayla lays into Steve. Chad accuses Gabi of drugging Abigail. Evan tells Zoey his secret. Steve and Kayla share a moment as she helps him put back on his patch. John agrees to Orpheus’ offer. Sarah is stunned when she runs into Rex in Paris. Gabi faints when she sees “Stefan.” Kristen tells Brady she’s going to confess! Ciara holds vigil next to Victor in the hospital. Kristen is alarmed when she learns Victor has woken up. Eli questions Victor about his stabbing.

THIS WEEK: Ciara and Ben celebrate his new job. As Sarah prepares to flee, Rex learns she’s on the run.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny confides in Jason revealing some shocking information. Sam crosses Brando and he’s sure not to forget it. Jordan contemplates resigning and struggles with the pros and cons of that decision. Sonny and Jason meet with Cyrus. Molly confides in Kristina about some important developments in her life Laura reassures Lulu that things will get better. Later, Lulu races to Crimson. Carly comforts Michael, but he is inconsolable. Finn sees through Chase’s lie and calls him on it. Cameron and Trina attempt to move forward, but there are more obstacles in their way. Dev becomes suspicious and can’t let his doubts go. Chase debate with Willow, but get nowhere fast.

THIS WEEK: Sonny’s dilemma is worse. Alexis is having another bad day.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — What better way to launch classic episodes of Y&R than to feature a week of the best of Katherine Chancellor, played by the late great grand dame of soap opera, Jeanne Cooper. Monday’s Y&R classic episode is from March 1, 1990 where Katherine has a violent confrontation with his doppleganger, Marge. Having been held captive by Marge, Katherine enlists the help of Esther to hit Marge on the head with a frying pan so she can make her escape and head back to the Chancellor mansion. Tuesday’s classic episode is from July 5, 2004 where Katherine’s family becomes seriously concerned about Katherine’s drinking problem and stages an intervention. However, Katherine turns the intervention into a drinking game and defi- antly rejects their help. On Wednesday CBS will air the classic episode from July 6, 2004 which continues Katherine’s resistance to going to rehab and denying she has a fixable problem. However, family pressure does prevail and Katherine painfully admits she has a problem and is powerless to help herself. She tearfully agrees to go to rehab, much to everyone’s relief. On Thursday, we fast forward to April 3, 2009 and focus on Billy and Chloe as they prepare to get married. Clearly Billy’s heart is in it, but feels it is the only way to be with his daughter. But the episode is also a showcase for a classic brawl between Katherine and Jill as they get into a nasty fight at the wedding reception. On Friday, we move ahead to May 4, 2009 where Katherine appears to have found happiness with Murphy and they are to be married that day. Jill makes a scene and tries to spoil the wedding, setting up another classic fight between Jill and Katherine, but Jill fails to ruin Katherine’s special day.

THIS WEEK: More classic encore episodes to come.

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