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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Continuing the broadcast of classic episodes until filming can renew after the coronavirus pandemic, the show will air an episode from September 30, 1994 which featured the glitzy glamorous wedding of Brooke and Ridge – the first time they wed – at Port Dume, California. Meanwhile, Taylor was desperate to escape the clutches of Prince Omar so that she can crash the wedding and reveal to Ridge that she is very much alive. On Tuesday there is a rerun of an episode that aired March 22, 2017 which featured another wedding in a fabulous location, Steffy and Liam exchanged vows at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The only one upset by the nuptials was Wyatt, the bride’s ex-husband. On Wednesday, in a classic episode which aired November 13, 2009, it was Bill Spencer Jr.’s wedding day as he exchanged vows with Katie. Dallas star Patrick Duffy appeared in this episode as Katie’s dad. On Thursday, an episode which aired January 5, 1991 featured another one of Brooke’s marriages. This one is to Eric, who takes his bride on a fabulous hot air balloon flight in Palm Springs. On Friday, B&B finishes off its week of weddings with a June 26, 2012 episode which featured the wedding between Hope and Liam in Puglia, Italy.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes coming up. Stay tuned!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sarah pleads with Rex to keep her secret. Believing he’s really Stefan, Gabi accuses Jake of lying about his identity. Kristen makes a confession to Lani. Abigail has another hallucination. Sarah takes extreme measures to keep “her” daughter. Xander breaks devastating news to Maggie.

Eli becomes suspicious of Lani. Nicole sets up a special day for Eric, who’s still reeling over the loss of his daughter. Maggie slaps Xander. Sarah opens up to Rex about Maggie’s role in Mackenzie’s death. Lani helps Kristen track down Sarah’s location. Zoey tries to intimidate Sonny as he prepares to testify at Evan’s trial. Ben finds himself in a dangerous situation. Gabi kisses Jake! Marlena questions Kayla about her feelings for Steve. Hope and Steve bond as they try to put Princess Gina and Stefano behind them. Lani explains to a furious Eli why she helped Kristen escape. Ciara tends to an injured Ben.

THIS WEEK: Xander warns Victor that Maggie knows the truth. Sarah’s plans hit a snag.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Molly is annoyed. Brando blames Sam. Julian grows angry with Neil. Liz is protective of Franco. Ava plans a party. Alexis comes clean. Nina and Carly argue. Martin and Nelle meet up. Nikolas weighs his dilemma about his fortunes. Franco comforts Ava. Nelle asks Nina for a favor. Brook Lynn manages to get herself in trouble again. Michael and Willow put their wounded feelings aside. Peter runs into Robert at the Floating Rib. Anna reviews the contents of a WSB file. Michael makes a life changing decision. Julian helps a friend. Nelle has a proposition.

THIS WEEK: Sonny meets with Curtis. Portia is surprised.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Continuing the broadcast of classic episodes until filming can renew after the coronavirus pandemic, the show aired an episode from October 31, 1981, which explored the beginnings of the relationship between Nikki and Victor as they spent some quality time together at Victor’s ranch. Colonel Douglas Austin was on hand to help Victor judge whether or not Nikki was the right woman for Victor. Flashforward 6 years later on Tuesday for a re-airing of an episode from August 17, 1987 when Nikki was competing with Ashley for Victor’s affections. Then, it appeared that Ashley had the inside track. On Wednesday, another triangle was explored from an episode that originally aired June 2, 1990 when Sheila was trying to seduce Scott to get him away from Lauren. On Thursday, the show jumped ahead to April 14, 1998 where the on again and off again relationship between Victor and Nikki seemed very much on again, but their son, Nick’s marriage with Sharon was definitely in trouble. As Y&R wrapped up the week, it aired an episode from September 5, 2002 where the Colonnade Room was the setting for the remarriage of Victor and Nikki.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes coming up. Stay tuned!

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