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RECAPS MAY 11 - 15

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode originally aired Oct. 29, 1997, Eric and Stephanie are in Lake Como, Italy for the launch of the Forrester Spring Collection, but the future of the business is very much in doubt. Brooke consoles a very upset Ridge. Meanwhile, Sally and Lauren try to crash the event, hoping to gloat over the Forrester problems. On Tuesday, in an episode originally aired April 27, 2012, we are treated to another glitzy event as Hope gets pummeled by the press at the Aspen Fashion Week, accused of being a fake. Liam has no idea that his father is behind the trashing of Hope. On Wednesday, in an episode originally aired Nov. 11, 2016, Quinn is raising some eyebrows as she prepares for her passion show, especially for what she has planned as the show stopper. What she doesn’t know is Ridge is planning to ruin her show. On Thursday, in an episode originally aired March 21, 2017, another beautiful backdrop is featured – the Sydney Opera House in Australia. Also, Steffy and Liam are about to be married. On Friday, in an episode originally aired April 14, 2017, there’s a lot riding on the Spectra Fashion show for Sally. If things don’t go well she could be out of business. Will the stolen designs seal her fate?

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sarah prepares to disappear forever with “her” daughter. Brady and Xander come to blows. Ben asks Ciara an important question. Kate gives Jake the rundown on Stefan DiMera. Ciara accepts Ben’s proposal! Sonny and Will reflect on the anniversary of Adrienne’s death Sarah and Kristen come face-to-face. Brady makes a difficult decision. Gabi seeks answers from Rolf about Stefan. Ciara tells Hope about her engagement to Ben. Ben questions Jake about the goons who came by the garage. Abigail attacks Kate! Jake rejects Gabi’s attempts to help him with his memory. Evan and his family arrive in court for his verdict. Chad, Jack, and Jennifer rally around Abigail. Lani tells Eli she’s going to confess to Rafe. Maggie and Sarah have an emotional heart-to-heart. Zoey reveals Evan’s secret to Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Orpheus delivers horrifying news to Marlena. Eric is furious with Brady when he learns what he’s done.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael prepares for court. Willow contemplates her future. Nelle asks for a favor. Brook Lynn reaches out to Dustin. Chase declines Finn’s offer. Lucy gets an important phone call. Carly admires Willow. Michael surrounds himself with family. Nelle is antagonistic. Curtis is furious. Sonny is in agony. Olivia is upset. Michael gets plenty of support. Mac pulls Chase to the side. Laura supports Robert. Diane prepares Michael. Carly confronts Chase. Nelle makes a grand entrance. Anna is preoccupied. Nina gives Sasha a hard time. Friday, May 15, General Hospital is featuring an encore episode of the series, which originally aired on March 30, 2018. The program celebrates the 55th anniversary of the ABC long-running soap opera.

THIS WEEK: Molly is in good spirits. Sonny is duly warned.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Monday, in an episode that originally aired June 30, 1993, Victor tells Nikki that Diane is laboring under the delusion that she is still legally married to him, thanks to her lawyer. But he assures her that he is legally married to Nikki and that won’t change. Jill finds a box marked “Phillip Chancellor: Private and Personal,” which has a legal envelope with her name on it. When Katherine surprises her, Jill lashes out at her accusing Katherine of murdering Phillip, Katherine throws Jill out, but not before they get into a physical scuffle. On Tuesday in an episode that originally aired October 1, 1993, Victor flew into a rage in Jack’s office and ruined the portrait on the wall. Victoria advises her mom to steer clear of Brad. Katherine went to see Mac to announce that she is Mac’s grandmother. Victor is shocked when Leanna co-opts his press conference. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired June 15, 2012, Phyllis and Nick are devastated when Phyllis has a miscarriage. A defiant Nikki takes Sharon’s horse out for a ride, which results in a shouting match between Sharon and Nikki. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired on May 22, 2014, Chloe is on the run from her family after she breaks into the hospital and takes a sperm sample that belongs to Billy. Ian won’t rat out Victor even when he has someone beat him up.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

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