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RECAPS MAY 18 - 22

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode originally aired January 9, 1991, Eric and Brooke are on their honeymoon in Southern California, first taking flight on a hot air balloon and winding up spending time at a desert oasis after horseback riding through the desert. Stephanie can’t get over the fact that Eric dumped her for Brooke, but Ridge tells her to get over it and move on. On Tuesday, in an episode originally aired December 11, 1998, with Tracy’s assistance, Brooke plans to upstage Taylor with the launch of a new lingerie line for Forrester Creation. Her appearance shocks and embarrasses Taylor and Ridge. On Wednesday in an episode originally aired February 16, 2007, a nostalgic episode takes place at the Forrester Big Bear cabin as Eric, Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke reminisce about their long history together in a special 5000th episode for the soap. On Thursday, in an episode that originally aired July 7, 2006, it’s a beach wedding for Brooke and Nick before setting sail for their honeymoon. On Friday, in an episode originally aired December 19, 2013, Brooke and Ridge’s on again, off again relationship on on again as he returns after being away a long time.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sarah and Brady commiserate over Xander and Victor’s deception. Xander rushes to Statesville to save Maggie. Marlena and Rafe compare notes about Orpheus. Orpheus kidnaps David! Zoey tries to convince Rafe he can trust her. Marlena seeks help from Steve and Hope to save John. Xander desperately attempts to revive Maggie. Kayla delivers shocking news to Justin and Sonny. Eli and Lani question Gabi about her attack on Jake. Victor asks Brady for forgiveness. Ciara begins planning her wedding to Ben. Chad tells Abigail about a possible treatment for her hallucinations. Brady plays hardball with Victor. Xander pleads with Sarah to give him a second chance. Lani arrests Gabi! Sonny appeals to Evan to come clean. Friday, Steve confides in Kayla and Justin about the Orpheus situation. Zoey keeps a secret from Rafe.

THIS WEEK: Abigail and Chad make difficult decisions about their future. Orpheus reveals to John he has big plans.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nelle has a shocking announcement. Molly has much to celebrate. Jordan has a warning for Sonny. Ava is defensive. Josslyn is sentimental. Sonny is suspicious. Liz is candid with Jason. Diane takes a meeting with Carly. Nelle is supportive of Nina. Franco is unsettled. Carly’s credibility is questioned. Michael defends his actions. Sonny wants answers. Laura gets a visit from Lulu. Franco surprises Elizabeth at the hospital. Nelle gives the performance of a lifetime. Valentine makes a big announcement. Laura worries Robert is deluding himself. Jax pays Nina a visit. Sasha acts recklessly. General Hospital airs a special anniversary show this week to celebrate its 52nd anniversary on ABC. That episode originally aired on April 1, 2015.

THIS WEEK: Robert defends his position. Sonny is still on a search for explanations.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Monday, May 18, in an episode originally aired February 13, 1991, Jabot brings on a new employee, Neil Winters. This episode marked the debut of Kristoff St. John in that role. Also an update about Brock upsets Katherine Chancellor. On Tuesday, in an episode which originally aired May 6, 1994, Neil is not excited to see his long-lost brother, Malcolm come to town. Shemar Moore makes his debut on the soap playing Malcolm. Victor goes out on a limb to come to Hope’s aid. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired February 9, 2005, the Winters family pulls together to get Devon out of a jam. Meanwhile. Nikki confides in Bobby. On Thursday, in an episode originally aired June 29, 2005, Neil takes off on a road trip to reconnect with Lily and Daniel. Michael finds out that Ashley and Tom are somehow linked. On Friday, in an episode originally aired December 7, 2006, Devon is finally legally adopted by Drucilla and Neil. Jack and Ashley join forces to rein in Gloria. Jill searches for clues about her past.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes coming up.

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