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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode that originally aired February 19, 1992, Sally and Stephanie wind up in a cat fight over unfavorable press coverage and Sally winds up in the Forrester pool. Sally’s husband, Clarke has a roving eye. Macy and Jake can’t deny the heat between them. Felicia comes up with a new business deal. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired June 7, 1995, Sheila is out of control and vowing to kill Stephanie, but Ridge, Brooke, Eric and Lauren do their best to calm her down and convince her to give up the plan. While Ridge is trying to move on after Taylor death to make his marriage to Brooke work, news comes via a new beautician that Taylor is alive. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired August 22, 2018, Hope and Liam’s wedding goes off the rails when Brooke and Taylor get physical and throw wedding cake at each other. On Thursday, in an episode that originally August 3, 1999, Stephanie threatens Brooke’s life for trying to seduce the Forrester youngest son, Thorne. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired, baby Phoebe’s identity as Beth is revealed. Finally. Hope can be reunited with her baby.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve witnessed Justin’s proposal to Kayla. Will and Sonny made a life-changing decision. Lani grappled with her fears about her pregnancy. Rafe was surprised by Zoey’s news concerning David’s custody case. Sarah laid into Victor for what he did to her. John questioned Brady’s motives. Jake came clean with Ben. Marlena got a surprising call. Xander asked Sarah for another chance. Eric and Ciara shared their concern for Brady. Ben offered to help Jake locate his ex-girlfriend. Claire pled with Marlena to help her gain early release from Bayview.

Jack gave Steve advice about Kayla. Lani and Eli shared exciting news with Abe and Julie. Zoey got into it with Orpheus. Hope went to bat for Rafe in his custody battle with Zoey. Marlena discussed Claire’s request with John. Claire confided in her new friend and fellow patient, Gwen.

THIS WEEK: Jake revealed to Ben and Ciara that Gabi has been kidnapped! A drunk Steve was tempted to tell Kayla the truth.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco gave Jake a helping hand. Carly blackmailed Ava. Nikolas stopped Hayden from talking to Jordan. Musical performances included: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John & Kiki Dee performed by Emma Scorpio-Drake and Eddie Maine, This Changes Everything by Chris Ryan performed by Jake Spencer and Franco Baldwin; a striptease to Demon in Disguise performed by Magic Milo and the Magic Wands -(Felix DuBois, Dillon Quartermaine, Griffin Munro, Curtis Ashford and Milo Giambetti). Jake showed Emma and Charlotte the Chimera canister that was sent to him. Jason found Anna’s Chimera necklace on the floor. Sonny had Morgan’s medication. Jake was scared when he saw the Chimera symbol on Anna’s necklace. Valentin told Anna he sold the Chimera to Helena Cassadine. Michael visited Nelle in the hospital. Musical Performances included: Sara Bareillies’ Brave performed by Emma Scorpio-Drake, Amy Driscoll, Kristina Corinthos-Davis and Valerie Spencer, And So It Goes On by Billy Joel performed by Valentin Cassadine and It’s Not Over Yet performed by Josslyn Jacks. Sonny and Carly learned that Ava switched Morgan’s pills. Nina took Valentin back. Anna told Jason she’s looking for a bio-toxin known as the Chimera. Jake saw Helena order him to do his magic trick, featuring the Chimera. Musical Performances included: Faith by George Michaels performed by Ned Quartermaine & Olivia Falconeri, Modern Love by David Bowie performed by Dillon Quartermaine & Kiki Jerome and Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen performed by Epiphany Johnson, Felix DuBois, Bobbie Spencer, Amy Driscoll and Deanna. Curtis proposed to Jordan.

THIS WEEK: Alexis overheard Finn tell Anna he hasn’t stopped caring for her. Sam found Faison’s lighter in Peter’s office.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Monday, in an episode that originally aired January 11, 1991, Traci and Brad get married in a ceremony celebrated in front of the Abbott family and friends. Katherine and Dina join forces to fight Jill. And Nikki is hitting the bottle hard. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired September 17, 1999, Victor and Ashley kiss and make up and John makes a triumphant return to the leadership position of Jabot. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired September 10, 2001, Phyllis is thrilled when Jack pops the question to her. Traci and Ashley lock horns. On Thursday, in an episode that originally aired August 24, 2006, the Abbott family is rocked by the death of its patriarch, John Abbott. Gloria is being left out of the family, but Kevin and Michael stand up for her. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired on December 24, 2019, Lola and Kyle are celebrating Christmas this year as man and wife. Billy casts a shadow over the holidays by keeping a secret from those who love him.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

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