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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode that originally aired March 23, 1987, B&B premiered by presenting the Forrester and Spencer families and the fashion industry that is the backbone of the show. Ridge is introduced as a rich playboy and Brooke’s homecoming. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired September 16, 2003, the Forrester family feuds in an fashion extravaganza staged in Portofino, Italy. Ridge has jumped ship and is designing for Sally’s Spectra Fashions. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired on January 6, 2003, Stephanie is horrified when Brooke taunts her about becoming Ridge’s wife once more. Sally and Stephanie get drunk and Sally gives Stephanie a haircut. On Thursday, in an episode that originally aired June 4, 2010, a colorful masked ball is hosted by Oliver for Hope’s graduation. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired April 8, 2016, Quinn abducts Liam who is suffering from memory loss, and makes him believe she is his wife. Wyatt finds out what has happened and is shocked. Eventually, Liam realizes who he really is and reunites with Steffy.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Belle and Shawn arrived in Salem to discuss Claire’s future. Will and Sonny realized Gabi’s missing. Claire asked Gwen to keep her secret. Ben, Jake, and Ciara tried to track down Gwen. Claire privately anticipated Ben and Ciara’s wedding. Hope reassured Ciara about Claire’s impending release. Will and Sonny pressed Ben and Jake to tell them what they know about Gabi’s disappearance. Eric told Abe he wants to surprise Nicole by getting married immediately! Eric and Nicole got an unexpected visitor. Lucas came to Kate with distressing news. Kayla questioned Steve about his behavior. Rafe was dealt a huge blow. Eli and Lani made a big decision about their wedding. Allie pled with Eric and Nicole to keep her secret. Hope comforted Rafe in the wake of his loss. Will and Sonny discussed their plans to have a baby. Allie dropped a bombshell on Lucas. Claire was released from Bayview.

THIS WEEK: Ciara confronted Brady about his true intentions. Xander sought advice from Jack about Sarah.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Finn was apologetic. Ava tried to entice Griffin. Josslyn connected with Oscar. Valentin pled with Nina. Peter’s planned are delayed. Valentin walked a fine line. Lucy was apologetic. Anna grew anxious. Peter stayed by Maxie’s side. Kiki was misunderstood. Jason received a frantic phone call. Peter shared Molly’s idea with Maxie. Bobbie was supportive. Sonny smoothed things over with Mike. Anna was bewildered. Anna was perplexed. Kristina confronted Sam. Josslyn got a sweet note. Sonny was supportive. Ava struggled. Ava ducked out. Willow did her best. Lucas connected the dots.

THIS WEEK: Sam left with Shiloh. Josslyn put her best foot forward.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Monday, in an episode that aired July 18, 1986, Matt takes Nikki out on a night on the town to win her over. Meanwhile, Joanna flirts with John and he is smitten. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired on June 7, 2001, Paul and Christine are dogged by Isabella who is determined to keep them apart. Nick and Sharon go away on a magical trip. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired on May 5, 2005, Nick and Sharon sweat it out as they wait for news about Cassie’s medical status. Michael decides the time is right and pops the question to Lauren. On Thursday, in an episode that originally aired December 30, 2010, Daniel and Abby spend New Year’s Eve together. Chloe throws caution to winds and tells Kevin how much she cares for him. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired February 14, 2012, Lily and Cane celebrate their second wedding in Provence, France among their family and friends. Victor and Nikki are deeply concerned that Victoria is making a big mistake by being mixed up with Billy.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come!

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