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RECAPS - JULY 13 - 17

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — On Monday, in an episode that originally aired January 3, 2012, Steffy and Liam chase down Thomas and Hope in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Meanwhile, Amber makes the case that Hope is not interested in Liam, because he is a married man now. Brooke is relieved and delighted that Hope rejected Thomas’ proposal of marriage. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired August 12, 2012, the day before Liam’s wedding to Hope, Steffy makes one last-ditch effort to convince him that Hope is all wrong for him and she is the one who really loves him. Stephanie has a bad coughing spell due to her lung cancer. When Hope breaks a date with Liam to tend to Stephanie, he is dejected and runs to Steffy for comfort. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired on July 5, 2013, Maya and Rick get cozy watching the 4th of July fireworks which makes Caroline green with envy. Wyatt is equally jealous when he comes home to see Wyatt and Hope together watching the fireworks display. On Thursday, in an episode that originally aired January 24, 2014, on the rebound from Liam, Hope pursues a relationship with Wyatt. Brooke makes a scene in front of Ridge and Katie to express her frustration. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired March 24, 2017, Liam and Steffy get married in Australia. Bill conceded to Brooke that he will always care for her, but perhaps Ridge is the right man for her. Sally shows up at the wedding, uninvited.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — While away from Salem, Kayla and Steve reconnected. Ben grew more suspicious of Claire. Roman gave Eric an unexpected gift before the wedding. Jack was thrown when he ran into Bonnie. Eric and Nicole’s wedding began. Kate got the serum for Vivian from Dr. Rolf. Gwen tried to seduce Jake. Gabi accused Chad of being interested in Gwen. Nicole and Eric’s wedding came to a halt when Sami interrupted. Ivan returned to help his beloved “Madame”! Gabi and Jake waited impatiently for the serum to kick in. Bonnie attempted to make amends with Lucas. Allie dropped a bomb on Sami. Eric and Nicole celebrated their first night as a married couple. Gabi and Vivian reeled after finding out the truth about Jake. Marlena warned Will and Sonny that Sami is in town. Sami ordered Rafe to turn down Allie’s offer. Will took Ben out for drinks the night before his wedding.

THIS WEEK: Ciara asked Rafe an important question. Claire, Allie and Ciara celebrated Ciara’s impending nuptials.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — On Monday, in an episode that aired May 6, 2020, Sonny was desperate. Nelle asked Nina for a favor. Brook Lynn managed to get herself in trouble again. Michael and Willow put their wounded feelings aside. Peter ran into Robert at the Floating Rib. On Tuesday, in an episode that aired May 7, 2020, Michael took Sasha to General Hospital. Michael prepared for court. Willow contemplated her future. Nelle asked for a favor. Mac looked to Jordan for help. On Wednesday, in an episode that aired May 11,2020, Brook Lynn reached out to Dustin. Finn was rejected. Chase was contemplative. Julian was responsive. Nelle got a key piece of information. On Thursday, in an episode that aired May 12, 2020, Willow decided her fate. Lucy got an important phone call. Jordan stepped in. Carly admired Willow. Michael surrounded himself with family. On Friday, in an episode that aired May 13, 2020, Sonny was

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