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RECAPS - JULY 27 - 31

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Stunned by her behavior, Wyatt laid into Sally for her callous and calculated actions. Ridge’s anger towards Bill for causing injury to Steffy became palpable and dangerous. Steffy regained consciousness only to realize how severely she’s been injured. Sally passed out after unveiling her true intentions and feelings to Wyatt. Penny, Flo, and Wyatt freaked out when they realized that Sally’s having a true medical emergency. Liam rushed to the hospital in time to hear Bill’s confession about the accident to Steffy. Having covered to everyone else, Steffy confided to her doctor that she’s in agonizing pain. Flo told an anxious Sally that Wyatt would decide what consequences would come from her misdeeds. Katie was in disbelief when Flo and Wyatt revealed to her the truth about Sally. In more pain than she’s allowing everyone to see, Steffy returned home from the hospital.

THIS WEEK: Steffy is having a hard time adjusting. Katie is reeling from the truth.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Rafe questioned Claire about what happened at the church. Bonnie surprised Lucas in bed. Steve and Kayla returned to Salem. Allie delivered good news to Will and Sonny. Ciara confronted Clyde. Will and Sonny moved forward with their adoption plans. Sami pled with Rafe to keep her secret. Eric and Nicole returned from their honeymoon and found out disturbing news. Nicole exposed Sami’s machinations to Allie. Will and Sonny shared their good news with Ari. Ciara shared a new theory with Rafe about Ben. Ben’s captor revealed their identity. Ben’s past came back to haunt him. Ciara and Claire decided to team up. Allie went into labor! Chad learned Gabi has been making inroads at DiMera behind his back. Ciara and Claire came to a stunning revelation. Ben was horrified when his captor revealed their diabolical plans.

THIS WEEK: To Sami’s dismay, Nicole helped Allie deliver her baby. Gwen and Jake moved into the DiMera mansion!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Diane prepared Michael. Carly confronted Chase. Nelle made a grand entrance. Anna was preoccupied. Nina gave Sasha a hard time. Nelle had a shocking announcement. Molly had much to celebrate. Jordan had a warning for Sonny. Ava was defensive. Josslyn was sentimental. Sonny was suspicious. Liz was candid with Jason. Diane took a meeting with Carly. Nelle was supportive of Nina. Franco was unsettled. Carly’s credibility was questioned. Michael defended his actions. Sonny wanted answers. Laura got a visit from Lulu. Franco surprised Elizabeth at GH. Nelle gave the performance of a lifetime. Valentine made a big announcement. Laura worried Robert’s deluding himself. Jax paid Nina a visit. Sasha acted recklessly.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Monday, on an episode that previously aired August 30, 1994, Nick gets a lecture from his father about how to carry on the Newman family tradition. Nikki is being the doting mom and hovering over Victoria who is rebelling and reminding her she’s all grown up. Dru and Olivia talk about health issues. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired April 2, 2004, Nikki and Ashley try to keep the true identity of Abby’s father under wraps. Kevin has a revelation to share with Lauren. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired on May 24, 2005, Cassie dies and the whole Newman clan is heartbroken by the loss of this little girl. Lily’s closeness to Daniel is giving Malcolm serious heartburn. On Thursday, on an episode that originally aired February 2, 2008, JT and Victoria are about to get married. Jack decides its time to get even with Gloria for all her past sins. Victor makes up with Nick and tgey put their differences aside. On Friday, in an episode that originally aired November 21, 2003, Victor has an awkward meeting with his estranged dad. Kristen and Cameron unsuccessfully search for Sharon. Nikki becomes a crusader to save the Newman legacy.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

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