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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy confided to her doctor that she’s in agonizing pain. Flo told an anxious Sally that Wyatt would decide her fate. Steffy regained consciousness only to realize how severely she’s been injured. Sally passed out after unveiling her true intentions and feelings to Wyatt. Thomas returned home learning Steffy had been in a terrible accident. Katie lectured Sally about using her to emotionally blackmail Wyatt. Steffy was enamored by her doctor, Finn, who made an unexpected house call. Ridge became uneasy as he recalled moments from his blacked-out night with Shauna. Each other’s destiny, Ridge and Brooke left their past behind them and reunited. Shauna returned from Las Vegas and dropped a bombshell on Ridge!

THIS WEEK: Ridge reels from Shauna’s news. Brooke is blissfully unaware of what’s to come.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ben’s torment began. Hope, Shawn, Ciara, and Claire arrived in New York to look for Ben. Sami confided in Belle her anger at Nicole for coming between her and Allie. Nicole blabbed to Sonny and Will. Ben attempted to make his escape. Chloe provided key information about Ben’s captor. Allie made a decision about her baby’s adoption. Sonny blasted Sami for her interference. Hope and Ciara found Ben. Sonny was upset to learn of Will’s betrayal. Steve and Kayla strengthened their bond. Bonnie asked Justin to be her lawyer. Gwen spied on Gabi for Chad. Eli and Lani discovered surprising news about her pregnancy. Xander admitted to Jack that he’s worried he’s going to blow his second chance with Sarah. Steve and Kayla’s romantic evening got thrown off course. Nicole encouraged Allie to see her son. Eric gave Sami advice about her children.

THIS WEEK: Sarah and Xander reconnected. Gabi enlisted Jake’s help to get Shin on her side.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nelle was shaken. Jax was impressed with Nina’s strength. Ned and Olivia clashed. Valentin met with Brook Lynn. Portia had an uncomfortable encounter. Carly came home to a distraught Sonny. Valentin and Martin strategized. Brook Lynn interrupted Ned. Monica was committed to a cause. Nelle was confrontational. Sonny had a crisis of conscience. Valentin propositioned Sam. Alexis got a visit from an old friend. Willow and Michael grew closer. Nelle demanded to see Wiley. Jordan confided in Jason. Maxie and Lucy agreed on a decision about Deception. Sam and Carly bonded over a common struggle. Curtis ran into Chase. Cyrus met with Brando. Sonny visited with Brando. Cyrus continued to manipulate Jordan. Finn and Portia bonded over the relationships they have with their daughters. Maxie had seconds thoughts. Anna defended Peter.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Monday, in an episode that originally aired December 4, 1986, Lauren stirs up trouble between Paul and his mother when Mary finds out Lauren is pushing him to be photographed for a nude centerfold. It comes as a surprise to Paul, as well when Mary angrily brings it to his attention. On Tuesday, in an episode that originally aired May 15, 1992, Sheila’s unhinged when the baby switch is conformed to Lauren. Instead of contrition, Sheila barricades herself, Lauren and Molly at the farm. In the struggle that ensues, a lantern overturns and the house catches on fire. Nate finds out that Olivia is going to have a baby. On Wednesday, in an episode that originally aired April 16, 2004, Sharon has the unpleasant task of viewing Cameron’s body after it has been retrieved from a sewer. Nikki goes along with Sharon for moral support. On Thursday in an episode that originally aired on March 1, 2005, paternity tests are the subject of the day. Lily’s paternity test results are finally announced, but Michelle plots mischief when she sees two completed paternity tests and thinks about how to use them to her advantage. On Friday. In an episode that originally aired September 1, 2016, Neil’s reunion with his birth mother turns nasty. Chelsea ducks disaster when the cabin she was about to go to with Connor to see Adam suddenly blows up.

THIS WEEK: More classic episodes to come!

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