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RECAPS – AUG. 10 - 14

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas urges Steffy to take her pain meds when he sees that she’s hurting. Brooke prepares to give Ridge a night to remember as he struggles to process Shauna’s explosive news. Wyatt and Flo relish being back together, in love and in one another’s arms. Quinn demands that Shauna vow to never tell a living soul what “they did.” Zoe and Hope make a resolution about their past and future while working side-by-side on the Hope for the Future line. Ridge is faced with the terrible task of telling Brooke that he’s married – but not to her! Shauna fills Quinn in on all the details of her wedding ceremony with Ridge. Ridge finds himself in big trouble with Brooke as he explains their current entanglement.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Ridge clash. Shauna seems to have the upper hand.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ben is haunted by his brainwashing. Will and Sami reconcile. Claire and Marlena discuss Claire’s plans for the future. Allie leaves a letter with a shocking request. Ben hides his unease from Ciara. Gabi and Jake have a huge blow up. Kate recounts to Abe her bitter rivalry with Vivian. Justin has a surprise for Bonnie. Sami, Nicole, and Eric search for Allie. Sami seeks help from Belle. Sonny and Will work on their relationship. Claire covers for Allie. Ben has a nightmare of strangling Ciara. Rafe and Hope share a close moment. Eve arrives in Salem. Jake and Gwen fight over his relationship with Gabi. Ben encounters Vincent in Marlena’s office. Eve pleads with Claire not to turn her in.

THIS WEEK: Gabi and Jake get surprising news. Gwen kisses Chad!

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Willow gets a surprise visit. Ava runs into Julian at the Metro Court. Sam is suspicious of Brando. Lulu facesoff with Cyrus. Franco is put off by Nikolas’ behavior. Sam is cautiously optimistic. Ned calls an emergency meeting. Jordan lies to TJ. Lucy accosts Cyrus. Curtis is confrontational. Jax offers Nina words of encouragement. Lucy makes a surprise announcement. Brook Lynn disappoints Ned. Sam gets good news. Sonny looks to Felix for support. Carly is optimistic. Sam gets terrible news. Lulu asks for a favor. Franco and Elizabeth are at odds. Olivia attempts to smooth things over between Ned and Brook Lynn. Nik thanks Lulu for her support. Franco comforts Ava. Terry is curious about Cyrus.

THIS WEEK: Nina attends an event at Wyndemere. Anna asks Finn to make amends with his past.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — It’s the anniversary of Katherine Chancellor’s dedication at Chancellor Park, and many in Genoa City share memories of the past. Jack and Victor are wary that something wicked this way comes. Sharon has a hard time adjusting to her emotion and physical recovery from cancer surgery. Phyllis and Abby have a nasty run in with each other. Billy and Lily can’t agree about the direction of Chancellor Communications. Chelsea agrees to make peace with Victor if it means giving Adam a helping hand. Summer is not thrilled to see Nick and Phyllis renewing their relationship. Nate is puzzled when Amanda pushes him away. Adam sets off to clear his name when he’s accused of committing a crime in his past. Kevin needs help adjusting to being a father and Esther steps in to assist. Ashley comes back to Genoa City and it rips the scab off old family wounds. Nikki tries to bring the family together, but isn’t having much luck.

THIS WEEK: Victor fights back. Phyllis stands her ground.

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