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RECAPS – AUG. 17 - 21

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge gave the 411 to Steffy about Shauna while Brooke sought advice from Eric. Neither woman held back when rivals Brooke and Quinn found themselves face-to-face. Quinn antagonized Brooke but when Shauna arrives, Brooke got the final word. Thomas and Steffy shared a shocking moment of truth. Ridge made a plea for forgiveness. Thomas convinced Steffy to do the right thing. Finn found himself in an ethical dilemma. Brooke and Ridge’s mood lightened when they looked back at their mistakes of the past. Convinced that they’re each other’s destiny, Ridge made a big promise to Brooke. Quinn hatched a new plan, that involved Dollar Bill, to separate Ridge and Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Ridge and Brooke are at odds. Finn struggles with a matter of conscience.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric and Nicole received a restraining order from Sami. Marlena and Kate argued over what’s best for Allie’s baby. Sarah and Xander shared a romantic afternoon. Victor and Bonnie sparred. Nicole and Eric had a heated confrontation with Sami. John collapsed! Philip returned to Salem! Xander got good news. Marlena received grave news about John’s condition. Xander was threatened by Philip’s unexpected return. Sami kept the truth from her family. Sonny was offered an opportunity he could not refuse. Gwen tried to use Chad to make Jake jealous. Gabi didn’t react well to Will and Sonny’s big decision. Rafe came to Hope’s rescue. Vincent put the final nail in Ciara’s coffin. Ben comforted Marlena. Eve marked the anniversary of her daughter’s death.

THIS WEEK: Steve sit vigil for John. Kayla and Jennifer gave Hope advice about Rafe.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Elizabeth accused Ava of self-sabotage. Dustin ran into Brook Lynn. Anna and Finn were at odds. Maxie changed her mind. Jax got an important phone call. Carly teamed up with Nina. Sam stole a moment with Jason. Sonny had his doubts. Nik was dismissive of Ava. Chase ran into Sasha. Lynn got caught up on the moment. Maxie made a stunning announcement. Portia questioned Jordan’s behavior. Cutis attempted to connect with Trina. Willow and Joss bonded. Chase had a hard time seeing Willow with Michael. Elizabeth overheard an interesting conversation. Brook Lynn put herself in harm’s way. Sasha struggled with her emotions. Valentin attempted to win Nina over. Ned and Olivia butted heads. Sam saw a softer side to Brando. Elizabeth and Franco came to a realization.

THIS WEEK: Michael made a startling discovery. Julian was forced to make a life-changing decision.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby upbraids Chance by giving him some straight talk to give a sense of what’s really happening. Sharon decides she has to protect herself by keeping her distance. Adam needs help and he might be getting it from Chelsea and Victor. Sharon is considering being Adam’s therapist, but needs Chelsea to sign off on the plan. Rey doesn’t think Rey is on the up and up. Phyllis is pitch by Nick for a new venture at Grand Phoenix. Theo and Kyle bury the hatchet and call a halt to their feud. Victoria is making big alterations at the company business, Newman Enterprises. Billy wants Amanda to be less cautious and take a chance. Sharon is questioned by Sharon and put on the spot. Someone gives Nikki a tempting offer. Victoria offers an olive branch to Jack to pursue a partnership with the Abbott family. Abby tries to find out what Phyllis us up to. Jack and Traci are trying to piece things together.

THIS WEEK: Theo pours on the sweet talk to distract Lola. Victor goes out on a limb for Adam.

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