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RECAPS – AUG. 24 - 28

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — The undeniable attraction between Zoe and Carter heated up. The road to reconciliation for Ridge and Brooke hit an unexpected speed bump! Quinn justified her actions to Shauna stating that Brooke deserved what’s coming her way. Brooke waited for Ridge in lingerie, Bill drank alone, and a disillusioned Ridge tried to come to grips with his new reality. Quinn pushed Bill to tell her the truth about what happened with Brooke. Anxious that he hadn’t returned home, Brooke went to the Forrester Mansion and got more than she bargained for when she found Ridge. Brooke was blindsided when she realized that there’s yet another obstacle that she and Ridge must face. Katie was stunned when she overheard the explosive end of Bill’s conversation with Quinn

THIS WEEK: A decades-long epic love affair suffered an excruciatingly tragic goodbye. The past and the present Mrs. Ridge Forrester came face-to-face; each standing their ground.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope and Rafe got a tip on Eve’s whereabouts. Ciara was unnerved when Ben took her to a creepy location. Eric tried to find a compromise with Belle. Sami confessed the truth to Marlena. Ben struggled to overcome his brainwashing. Eve had a vision of Paige. Rafe and Hope made an important decision about their future. Nicole stirred the pot between Belle and Sami. Sami made a bold move at her grandson’s custody hearing. Jake and Gabi kissed Ciara was trapped in a dangerous situation. Rafe grilled a surprising intruder in his home. A fearful Hope questioned Ben. Gabi and Jake gave in to their feelings for each other. Sami betrayed Eric in order to nail Nicole. Eduardo put Rafe in a tough spot. Ben had an explosive confrontation with Eve! Gabi was forced to make a heartbreaking decision.

THIS WEEK: Gwen blew up at Jake. Rafe and Gabi said farewell to Salem.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Willow made a terrible discovery. Julian found himself in a no-win situation. Jason didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Sonny got a call regarding Mike. Olivia and Ned were anxious. Michael had a theory. Ava was relieved. Nina was supportive. Nelle was at a disadvantage. Nikolas reached out to Spencer. Carly stayed with Michael. Sonny got the confirmation he needed. Chase got a lead. Epiphany stepped in to help. Willow found comfort from an unlikely source. Carly tried to help. Jax reached out to Jordan. Curtis felt responsible. Portia remained positive. Joss made a confession. Jax wanted to protect Carly. Michael was anxious. Jordan was cornered.

THIS WEEK: Portia apologized. Sam worried about Alexis.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam is disoriented when something triggers a memory from his past. He reacts by disappearing. Sharon is determined to help Adam and takes the Newman jet to make that happen. Adam’s mission, however, put Sharon in peril. Devon wants some answers when it comes to Nate’s relationship with Amanda. Nick and Phyllis collaborate to put a scheme in play. Traci turns over a new leaf. Chelsea is stunned by what she finds out in Kansas. Lily and Billy are at odds because they have ethical differences. Victor and his son Nick lock horns. Sharon and Chelsea have a heated argument. Summer makes up her mind and what she decides is a shocker. Victor goes out on a limb to assist Adam.

THIS WEEK: Nick does not heed a warning. Phyllis thinks she is on the verge of a big victory.

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