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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge made a decision about his future after assessing his current situation. Dollar Bill made a whole-hearted proposition to become Brooke’s knight in shining armor. Shauna dived deep into dedicating herself to be the best wife possible for Ridge. Carter romanced Zoe with a sumptuous surprise and an expression of his affection. Delightfully domesticated, Hope and Liam savored the extra time they have with Kelly. Alone and in pain, Steffy flashed back to her life with Liam. Concerned for his sister, Thomas pushed Steffy to acknowledge what she’s feeling. Steffy blasted Hope when her former nemesis made an autonomous decision about her daughter.

THIS WEEK: Bi l l opened Liam’s eyes to the truth about his situation with Hope and Steffy. Finn offered compassion after realizing the scope of Steffy’s pain and suffering.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Philip reunited with Kate and Lucas. Bonnie comforted Justin after he discovered Sonny’s leaving Salem. Victor was faced with a difficult decision. While sitting vigil with John, Marlena was reunited with a loved one. Sami brought in a surprise witness to bolster her case. Will and Sonny said their final goodbyes to Salem. Philip and Xander battled for the title of Titan CEO. Brady and Marlena caught up. Marlena helped Ben get answers. Ciara’s fate was revealed. Nicole took a major hit in court. Shawn and Belle were confronted by an old foe. Ben recalled a key piece of information. Vincent made a shocking confession to Ciara. Belle and Sami had a huge showdown. Kristen returned to Salem! Eli was upset to learn Lani’s helping Kristen.

Steve and Kayla were surprised by an intruder.

THIS WEEK: Kristen and Brady argued about her coming to Salem. Gwen tried to play on Chad’s sympathies.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jax was relieved. Sonny visited Mike at Turning Woods. Carly rethought her decision. Willow regretted her actions. Alexis and Neil reconnected. Sam lashed out at Valentin. Carly confided in Jax. Nina was one step closer to learning the truth. Sonny planned a special day. Alexis was heartbroken. Ned’s efforts were rejected. Sonny let his guard down. Olivia worried about Dante. Lulu hoped her own experiences could help a friend. Chase wanted to come clean. Robert made a chilling remark to Anna. Anna received a troubling phone call. Spinelli came up with a plan. Alexis pressed Sam for the truth. Maxie and Peter enjoyed an afternoon together. Robert made Olivia a promise. Finn offered his support. Anna was conflicted. Curtis was cautious.

THIS WEEK: Peter reached out to Valentin. Spinelli’s suspicions were confirmed.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam is definitely careening dangerously off the rails. Victor knows things have gone too far and makes an effort to fix things between him and his daughter, Victoria. Lola is breathing easier when she finally is liberated and not controlled by anyone. Adam is in need of help and Victor is determined to be the one to help him, even if it means putting Victor in danger. Rey gives Sharon a stern warning. Later, Noah comes to see Sharon. Chelsea is unnerved by Nikki and has a major meltdown. A sudden drop in results in Chance protecting Adam. Nick is tired of answering questions about his recent reconciliation with Phyllis and stands his ground. Victoria is looking to party and Theo is looking good to her. Nate finds out that there is a blood connection between Hilary and Amanda. Devon delivers news that stuns Elena.

THIS WEEK: Lola enjoys her new freedom. Victor makes things worse when he tries to help Adam.

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