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RECAPS – SEPT. 7 - 11

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam was stunned to learn that Hope did not keep her commitment. Steffy’s desperation began to show when Finn declined her urgent request. Steffy let her guard down and allowed herself to be vulnerable. Ridge confronted Bill over his egregious transgressions towards his family. Brooke and Ridge were surprised by who’s on their side, and why. Quinn upped the ante in her game of manipulating the end of Brooke and Ridge. Shauna became uncomfortable when Wyatt made a joke that hit too close to home. Brooke’s attempt to make-up with Ridge was cut short by an unexpected visitor. Ridge filled Eric in on Quinn’s bold and brazen opportunist move. While trying to reconcile their relationship, Brooke and Katie realized that they’d been manipulated.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Katie fight back. Eric keeps his eye on Quinn.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jack and Shawn uncovered the truth about Vincent. Ciara turned the tables on Vincent. Abigail’s return prompted a shocking reveal. Tripp informed Steve why he’s back in Salem. Jake suggested to Abigail that something’s going on between Chad and Gwen. Tripp and Claire caught up. Shawn, Ben and Hope’s frantic search for Ciara continued. Ciara found herself in a deadly predicament. Ben struggled to rescue Ciara. Philip’s reunion with Belle didn’t go as planned. A devious Gwen attempted to finish what she started. Abigail was livid over Chad’s confession. Eli shared upsetting news with Lani. Marlena scolded Sami for her actions. Eric and Nicole anxiously awaited the judge’s ruling regarding custody of Allie’s baby.

THIS WEEK: Kristen and Brady argued about Victor. Lani can’t get over her upset.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Michael was intimidated. Willow turned to Chase for comfort. Nelle ran into Valentin. Finn planned an epic birthday party for Violet. Peter continued to manipulate Maxie. Olivia was distraught. Alexis was in disbelief. Lulu checked on Kevin. Jordan wanted answers. Sam couldn’t help but feel that she’s to blame. Jordan confronted Cyrus. Bobbie reamed out Valentin. Carly shared a friendly drink with Brick. Portia cleared the air with Ava. Joss told Cam she knows about his kiss with Trina. Mike’s conditioned continues to decline. Ned met with Sonny. Franco defended Elizabeth. Jax and Nina headed out-of-town. Robert received a mysterious phone call. Josslyn visited Mike at Turning Woods. Ava confided in Franco. Liz was remorseful. Epiphany worried about changes being made at the hospital. Britt arrived at GH.

THIS WEEK: Ava and Franco speak again. Robert is puzzled about a phone call.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Theo makes an impression on Lola that she didn’t see coming. Victoria is playing it close to the vest and won’t let Billy in on what is happening. Adam is unhinged and beyond help, but Chance goes out on a limb to lend him a hand, anyway. Sharon is on pins and needles until she gets word from her doctor. Devon lets himself be vulnerable when he speaks to Amanda. Chelsea doesn’t have a great exit strategy. Phyllis flexes her muscles and plays boss. Lily and Billy collaborate and make plans together. Victoria exerts her authority and stuns Nick by her actions. Nikki and Victor clash over Victor’s insistence on helping Adam. Noah comes back to Genoa City.

THIS WEEK: Billy’s plot is spinning out of control. Abby is shocked by what Chance tells her.

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