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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam disclosed the news of Steffy’s hidden addiction to Finn. Steffy’s addition, denial, and anguish became palpable. Hope comforted Thomas as he worried about his sister’s illness. Ridge, Liam, and Finn formed a united front in a struggle to save Steffy. Quinn pushed Ridge to remarry Shauna in an attempt to cancel Brooke. Brooke was tormented when Ridge informed her of his impending nuptials. Carter’s exemplary service at Forrester Creations got him a well-deserved promotion. Eric attempted to talk sense into Ridge before he makes a great mistake. Ridge and Shauna’s wedding day was filled with bombshells, twists, and turns that no sees coming.

THIS WEEK: Ridge can’t forget what just happened. Finn tries to talk some sense into Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Allie and Tripp had a tense encounter. John continued to have mood swings. Melinda grilled Eli as she tried to build a case against Kristen. Kayla relayed good news to Steve. Philip’s welcome home dinner took a surprising turn. Jan filed a complaint with Shawn. Steve questioned Tripp’s involvement with Allie. Allie confided in Nicole about meeting Tripp in London. Sarah laid into Xander for his role in Philip’s arrest. Belle came to Philip’s aid. Kristen told Brady they need to flee Salem. Ben and Hope tracked down Vincent. Eli warned Lani her past actions might come back to haunt her. Kate offered to keep an eye on Jake for Chad. Abe unwittingly tipped off Melinda.

THIS WEEK: Ben and Vincent had a heated encounter. Allie had a horrific realization.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — GENERAL HOSPITAL will be preempted by Major League Baseball playoffs on September29 through October 1, with an additional possible preemption on October 2. Valentin is involved in an altercation. Ned and Alexis reminisce about the past. Portia expresses her concern. Julian receives a tempting offer. Joss gets ready for Homecoming. Jax hosts Joss’s friends for Homecoming photos. Carly and Nina bond. Sam confronts Julian. Sonny gets a call about Cyrus.

THIS WEEK: Julian has to play defense. Carly and Nina find common ground.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kyle and Summer’s relationship raises many questions from Jack. Amanda gets a clearer understanding from Phyllis about what’s going on. Things sizzle with Devon and Elena. Even though she’s his daughter, Victor questions Victoria’s allegiance. Lola and Kyle make peace with each other. Nick schemes to bring down Adam. Victor gets push back from a beleaguered Billy. Amanda’s secret is revealed to Lily. Abby and Chance talk about what comes next for them. Nikki tries to calm the troubled waters. Billy and Lily have to deal with some very bad public outrage. Sharon does all she can to come to Faith’s defense. Jack gets Ashley’s help in following the right track. Rey and Sharon can’t find common ground and agree. Nate and Elena are involved in a medical crisis, and it’s personal.

THIS WEEK: Lily has an awkward moment. Sharon rethinks her position.

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