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RECAPS – OCT. 5 - 9

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke battled with Quinn on Ridge and Shauna’s wedding day. An unexpected source shared shocking information that changes the course of destiny. Shauna waged war with her conscious as she prepared to become Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Unsuccessful in stopping the wedding, Brooke returned home to find an over the top surprise. Talented fashion designer Zende Forrester Dominquez returned home from Paris. Unbeknownst to Quinn, Eric was within earshot of her revealing video-chat with Shauna. Quinn became frantic as her world crumbled down around her. Carter delivered startling information to Ridge and Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Quinn’s hatred for Brooke backfired. Zoe made her presence known by modeling a sexy Forrester Creations original.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Vincent revealed Ciara’s fate to Ben and Hope. Allie told Lani what happened in London. Tripp recounted his side of the story to Steve. Melinda pressured Eli to help her nail Kristen. Bonnie attempted to gain Justin’s forgiveness. Allie gave Claire shocking news about Tripp. Philip realized Xander has been plotting against him. Eli pled with Kristen to help keep Lani out of trouble. Steve and Kayla were shocked when they learned what Allie said about Tripp. Claire got to know the new Titan intern, Charlie.

THIS WEEK: Victor fired Xander! Philip made a mysterious call.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava received an ominous phone call. Jason suggested a plan to Sonny. Cameron was conflicted. Stella and Curtis met for dinner. Molly urged TJ to focus on their future together.

Brook Lynn saw an opportunity. Ava was cornered. Alexis regretted her actions. Willow made a life changing decision. Lulu started working on a story about Cyrus’ corruption. Chase and Finn met at the Metro Court. Willow had a lot of issues to resolve. Monica surprised Brook Lynn. Sasha confided in Valentin. Jason cautioned Epiphany to lay low. Michael shared his thoughts on the importance of family. Ava surprised Carly with her kind words. Elizabeth was reminiscent. Brando reflected on the lessons he’s learned. Sonny was startled to see a familiar face. Joss’ plan was derailed. Lulu invited Dustin to move in with her. Ned was nervous.

THIS WEEK: Brook Lynn came clean with Olivia. Cyrus wanted a case file from Jordan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kevin and Chloe anticipate a very special new additon in their lives. This week is a chance to better get to know the Baldwin-Fishers. Nate is being reckless and taking dangerous chances. Nick does some digging and finds out something he didn’t know before. Lauren is joined to Jack in an unexpected manner. Billy is on a short leash when it comes to Lily. Nikki has to own up to something and make amends. Abby puts pressure on Chance to have nothing to do with Adam. Sharon and Nick commiserate about their concerns for Faith. Sharon gets bad reviews when it comes to her skills as a therapist. Chelsea takes off on a mystery journey. Victor and Nikki are bickering, thanks to Adam. Victoria flexes her muscles to grab power. Phyllis resists pressure. Victor tries to make peace with his daughter, Victoria.

THIS WEEK: Lily is given a new opportunity. Elena agonizes over her next move.

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