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RECAPS – OCT. 12 - 16

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam’s overt disdain for Finn became obvious. Thomas silently seethed when Hope offered Zende something he wants. At Finn’s urging, Steffy seized an opportunity to give back while in recovery. Moved by Zoe’s honesty about her past, Zende carefully questioned her about Carter. Liam injected himself in the situation after learning of Finn’s amazing gift to Steffy. Thomas felt pressure from Zende’s unexpected arrival while Carter planned a surprise for Zoe. Finn took control of the situation with Liam, marking the beginning of an epic rivalry. Carter and Zoe had a tender and authentic conversation about their romantic future.

THIS WEEK: Steffy stood up for herself when Liam made a demand regarding Finn. Liam was stunned when Hope called him out on his over-protectiveness with Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Melinda tried to unnerve Kristen. Eli struggled with his huge dilemma. Abigail asked Chad for a favor regarding Jake. Gwen got to know Jack and Jennifer. Lani made an emotional plea to Melinda on Kristen’s behalf. Gwen set a new plan into action. Chad offered Jake an olive branch. Eli came clean with Kristen. Hope and Shawn received new evidence regarding Ciara. Kristen made a shocking decision. Eli confided in Abe. Belle had second thoughts about representing Philip. Nicole reluctantly gave Lucas devastating news. John lost it after discovering what happened between Allie and Tripp. Brady made a surprising suggestion to Kristen. Tripp amended part of his story. John blasted Steve for defending Tripp. Kayla offered a way to prove whether Tripp’s telling the truth or not.

THIS WEEK: Charlie comforted Claire over her loss of Ciara. Philip succeeded in pushing Xander over the edge.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava struggled. Elizabeth was torn. Gladys continued to argue for Brando. Ned learned the truth. Britt delivered an ominous warning. Anna made a decision. Maxie made a bold move. Julian was desperate for an update. Nina offered to help. Sasha disappointed Lucy. Brook Lynn was put on the spot. Mac called out Robert on his trepidation. Sasha felt helpless. Curtis picked up TJ for dinner. Portia ripped into Jordan. Sonny considered his future. Maxie gave Spinelli an ultimatum. Brando was grateful. Brook Lynn tore into Valentin. Olivia grew annoyed with Ned. Jason and Sonny strategized. Ava reassured Julian. Nik sought out Alexis for help.

THIS WEEK: Dev manipulated Cameron. Monica’s plan went horribly wrong.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis’ loyalty to Kyle is put to the test when Summer’s mother cast doubt on his worthiness. Chloe tries to talk some sense into Chelsea, girlfriend to girlfriend. Chloe tries to convince her that Adam is bad news for her, and she should dump him. Rey considers a surprising offer. Elena is acting like someone who has something to hide, and people are starting to notice. Paul digs in and tries to piece together what went on in Las Vegas with Adam and Chance. Lily tries to make peace with Amanda, but it’s complicated. Sally Spectra is back in Genoa City. Kyle covers his tracks and keeps things under wraps. Sharon is recovering from her operation, but she has a long road ahead to recovery. Victor and Adam continue to butt heads, but Victor won’t turn his back on him. Nick intervenes when Phyllis and Victoria get into another argument. Lauren does her best to support Jack.

THIS WEEK: Chance wonders if his job is in jeopardy. Devon suspects that Elena is hiding something.

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