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RECAPS – OCT. 19 - 23

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope laid out an inconvenient truth to Liam about his relationship with Steffy. Zende was impressed when Zoe put on an impromptu fun and flirty fashion show. Steffy and Finn grew closer while Hope confronted Liam about his feelings for his ex. Zoe opened up to Zende about Carter before serenading him with a song that she wrote. Finn promised Steffy that he would love and take care of her the way in which she deserves. Zende stunned Zoe by sharing his inner-most desire. Liam made a confession to Hope about Thomas. Zoe was enchanted when Carter set up a romantic evening. Brooke became concerned when Hope revealed Thomas’ latest designs. An important person from Zende’s past paid an unexpected visit.

THIS WEEK: Zoe is smitten. Zende is unnerved by a mysterious visitor.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Kayla and Steve kept a secret from Tripp. Marlena tried to calm John. Sarah and Xander argued over Philip. Brady caught Philip conspiring against Xander. Ben had a vision of Ciara. The lights went out in Salem. Clyde and Orpheus formed an uneasy alliance. Jake confronted Gwen over his growing suspicions of her. Eli struggled to keep the truth from Lani. Orpheus told Marlena that he needs her help. Chad was stunned when Rolf showed up at the mansion. Clyde put Ben in a tough position. Rolf threatened to kill Chad. Belle checked on John, who began to worry about Marlena. Gwen was faced with an unexpected dilemma. Eli questioned Ben about Clyde. Belle was fearful when she found Jan in her house. Clyde tried to save Ben from himself.

THIS WEEK: Xander was irked to find Sarah and Philip together again. Claire helped Charlie out of a jam.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Carly was called into the PCPD. Sasha and Willow had a heart to heart. Valentin offered to help Nina. Ned confided in Monica. Alexis offended Sam. Chase went behind Jordan’s back. Brando met with Cyrus. Sam looked to Sonny for help. Brook Lynn shared a drink with Valentin. Lulu was conflicted. Monica advised Ned to do the right thing. Julian lashed out. Nik apologized to Elizabeth. Michael got a new opportunity. Sam looked for help with Aurora. Sonny told Jason about Mike’s will. Nikolas made a confession. Valentin felt vindicated. Willow tried to talk to Chase. Carly struggled to find closure. Carly got into an argument with Nina. Jax and Curtis made a pact. Jordan gained insight into Britt’s involvement with Cyrus.

THIS WEEK: Julian received a threatening postcard. Dev continued to manipulate Joss.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The Abbott family comes to grips with losing Dina. Chance dodges and weaves but can’t escape the revealing of an incident from his past. Faith is having a hard time coping with her mother’s cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as the article published about Adam, which hits a little too close to home. Devon strikes back when he is backed into a corner. Gloria returns to Genoa City. There’s chemistry between Billy and Lily, but it’s more than just their working relationship on display. Nate is still reeling from his brief fling with Elena, while she is trying to dig herself out of a sticky situation. Phyllis tries to resolve her own difficulties, but she might be able to handle them. Gloria evades answering when Michael and Kevin ask her some pointed questions. Summer is less than sure she wants to be Kyle’s wife and has a heart to heart talk with him.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea tries to talk some sense into Adam. Rey gives Sharon a reason to smile.

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