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RECAPS – OCT. 26 - 30

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zende missed an opportunity with Zoe after a major technology failed. Wyatt blasted Quinn for her crazy, hair-brained scheme against Brooke and Ridge. Comedy ensued as Wyatt attempted to stop Flo from inviting Quinn to stay with them. Ridge and Brooke received news that became cause for celebration. Steffy and Ridge shared a heartfelt father/daughter moment. Thomas got intense while issuing a warning to Finn about Liam. Steffy sensed Hope might have a personal agenda when it comes to Finn. Finn got a more intimate view into Thomas and Steffy’s family dynamic. Hope must balance her complicated relationship with Thomas. Ridge didn’t hold back when Quinn asked him and Eric for forgiveness.

THIS WEEK: Quinn is not feeling the love. Hope charts a rough course.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Orpheus revealed his plan for Marlena. Clyde tricked Allie into letting him into her apartment. John received alarming news from Ben. Rolf accosted Kayla at gunpoint! Orpheus and John faced off. Allie and Nicole reported Henry’s kidnapping. Ben made a confession to Eli. A desperate Marlena tried to get Evan released from Bayview. Lucas told Kate about Allie’s rape. Steve and Roman searched for Kayla. Kayla was thunderstruck when Rolf revealed his latest scientific endeavor. Kate ran into Clyde and realized he’s kidnapped Henry. Marlena delivered Evan to Orpheus. Kayla was horrified by Rolf ’s demands. Chad became suspicious of Gwen. Kate reunited Allie with Henry. Clyde tried to talk Ben out of his plans for Vincent. Jennifer and Jack found a stunning letter from Hope. Doug and Julie mourned Ciara. Claire sought out Ben on the day of Ciara’s memorial.

THIS WEEK: Back from court, Kristen revealed her fate to Lani. Ben took desperate action.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Julian interceded. Maxie was defensive. Lulu looked to Kevin for advice. Anna enlisted Finn’s help. Spinelli was determined to expose Peter. Dante was apologetic. Anna asked Kevin for help. Chase questioned Sasha’s erratic behavior. Nina rejected Valentin. Carly confided in Jax. Nikolas tempted Ava. Sasha made a new friend. Chase apologized to Brook Lynn. Franco made a curious move. Epiphany opened up to Liz about her breakup with Milo. Maxie celebrated her birthday with loved ones. Spinelli looked to Sonny for advice. Julian entertained an offer from Nikolas. Portia tended to Franco’s needs. Trina was eager to repair Taggert’s reputation. Franco received troubling information. Anna learned the truth. Peter received a disconcerting call.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli pretended to support Maxie. Valentin proposed an extreme solution.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily tries to pin Billy down and get him to focus on them, but she may be expecting too much from him. Kevin can’t help but feel justice was served and Chloe’s kidnapping has been avenged when he sees things coming apart for Adam. Victoria receives a call that unnerves her. Nick is upset when his scheme against Phyllis goes sideways. Elena has real life regrets after sleeping with Nate. Elena squirms when she sees Devon and Amanda hanging out together. Jack hesitates when it comes to giving Kyle some business advice. Adam turns his back on Victor, which crushes his father. Chloe tries to talk Chelsea into dumping Adam. Kyle and Theo lash out at each other. Lily and Billy tangle and it leads to lust. Elena pleads with Devon to forgive her.

THIS WEEK: Victor is hurt and upset. Victoria has a secret.

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