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RECAPS – NOV. 2 - 6

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Quinn leveled an accusation at Shauna after being rebuffed by Eric. Zoe’s sister, Paris Buckingham, arrived unannounced at Forrester Creations. Shauna was touched by Eric’s grand gesture after he came to her defense. Furious at Shauna, Quinn demanded answers from Flo about her mother. Sparks flew and Zende and Paris flirted as they got to know one another. Liam flipped when Finn filled him in on his recent exchange with Thomas. Paris wondered what’s up when Zoe urged her not to get caught up in Zende. Liam set off on a mission to ensure that Thomas did not go after Hope. Steffy asked Hope to be honest with her about Liam spending so much time with Kelly. Liam was shocked by what he discovered upon bursting into Thomas’ apartment.

THIS WEEK: Liam can’t believe what he’s saying. Hope is put on the spot.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eli woke up to find himself in the hospital with Lani. Ben confirmed that Vincent killed Ciara Tripp beared his soul to Ciara’s grave Kayla then urged Steve to tell Tripp about the test. Tripp was shocked and angry when he learned from Allie that Kayla ran a DNA test. Kate told Roman how Allie was raped in London. Shawn persuaded Ben that he must find some way to carry on. Gwen interrupted a romantic moment between Chad and Abigail Allie told Nicole the DNA resulted came back. Steve felt compelled to take his son’s word on the results. Lani panicked when she found Eli missing from the hospital. Justin told Bonnie that he forgives her. Abigail threw a party honoring her parents. Jennifer ran into Bonnie and worried that she’s pursuing Justin. Kate ran into Jake on her way to the party and invited him to join her. Jake bailed Ben out of jail. Jack and Jennifer’s friends and family helped them celebrate their anniversary. Abigail was deeply shaken after finding a letter from Jack to Kate.

THIS WEEK: Theo came home and surprised Abe. John and Marlena reminisced about their years of marriage.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Election Day in Port Charles. Joss learned about her great-great grandmother. Portia lent Ava a hand. Lucy shook off a mistake. Carly and Bobbie were eager for an update. Julian was desperate to reach Ava. Valentin’s curiosity was piqued. Peter reached out to Spinelli. Portia squared off with Cyrus. Franco confided in Kevin. Valentin was caught off-guard. Chase headed to dinner with Jackie. Finn was unsettled. Ava sabotaged her efforts. Portia confronted Jordan. Anna was desperate. Finn called Robert. Curtis sought answers. Dante stepped in to help Lulu. Franco made Jason an unsettling proposition. Robert was too late. Peter suggested a new angle for Lulu’s article. Jason approached Britt.

THIS WEEK: Ava gave Julian advice. Sam hit Alexis with an ultimatum.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack has a ton of regrets about lost time with Dina. He blames himself for their troubled past. Summer and Lola fight over Kyle’s attention. Chance cultivates Ashley in his pursuit of her daughter, Abby. Victor comes up with a scheme that depends upon his cooperation from Chelsea. However, Chelsea may throw him a major curve. Sally Spectra is on the move again and Genoa City will never be the same. Phyllis and Victoria keep sniping at each other and Nick has to be the referee. Chelsea is taken aback when Adam speaks freely about his feelings for Sharon. Lauren and Sally get comfortable with each other. Sharon and Rey plan their wedding. The family gathers for the reading of Dina’s will. Chance and Adam clash. Chloe warns Chelsea to be careful.

THIS WEEK: Billy puts the moves on Lily. Adam is playing into Victoria’s hands.

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