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RECAPS – NOV. 16-20

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Flo attempted to referee when Wyatt made an accusation against Shauna. Impressed with Carter’s style, Paris congratulated Zoe on her engagement. Wyatt and Flo laid down the law to Shauna about Eric, and Quinn. Liam attempted to persuade Steffy that Thomas is faking his drastic change. Quinn lashed out at her former BFF Shauna upon learning of the lie that she’s been keeping. Quinn ate a slice of humble pie and asked for Eric’s forgiveness one more time. Hope stood up for Thomas when a frustrated Liam questioned his motives. Zende hid his true feelings and offered his best wishes to Zoe and Carter. Steffy and Liam bonded over the love for their daughter. Thomas was thrown when the Hope Mannequin professed her love for him.

THIS WEEK: Thomas is off the deep end. Zende is crying on the inside

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ava visited a surprising friend. Steve and Kayla argued about Tripp’s innocence. Lani demanded the truth from Brady. Tripp tried to convince Allie not to pursue charges in London. Brady made a confession to Kristen. Lani confronted Eli about his deception! Gwen spied Jake and Kate kissing. Jack tried to repair his relationship with Jennifer. Jennifer and Kate had an intense confrontation. Gwen visited Rolf and shared the next phase of her plan. Jake scored a new job. JJ consoled a guilt-ridden Abigail. Belle had a special request for John and Marlena regarding her wedding to Shawn. Jan manipulated Claire. Sarah spied on Philip. Shawn informed Philip that he and Belle are getting married. John and Shawn gave Charlie the third degree. Shawn and Belle’s wedding ceremony began.

THIS WEEK: Belle was unnerved when Jan showed up on her doorstep. Sarah snapped a picture of Philip with his mystery partner.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina felt defeated. Carly cautioned Jax. Valentin met with Martin. Chase continued the ruse. Brando called Jason with news. Nikolas stepped in to support Ava. Trina and Joss studied for the SATs. Jason shared his theory with Britt. Julian was backed into a corner. Epiphany was sympathetic. Sonny was suspicious. Julian tried a new tactic. Britt might be in over her head. Willow was angered. Michael was in disbelief. Lulu confided in Laura. Alexis mouthed off to Cyrus. Sam asked Jason to help her for the night. Maxie checked on Peter. Ava surprised Julian. Alexis lashed out at Julian. Laura advised Lulu to take her time. Jason spent quality time with Danny.

THIS WEEK: Dante and Sonny caught up at the gym. Britt had a revelation.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The engagement between Abby and Chance is a bit rocky. Chance has to have a faceoff with Victor to get his approval and Abby wonders if she is doing the right thing. Billy and Lily are causing raised eyebrows with their public displays of affection. Amanda takes note and isn’t pleased. Phyllis is making little headway in getting her way. Victoria taunts Adam in her power play, but that might be a dangerous thing to do. Nick and Phyllis find a way to get along. Victor is forced to go to Sharon to come to his aid. Paul is back and doing what he does best – investigate. Billy finds himself at odds with the world again. Elena can’t come to grips with what her heart is telling her. Does she love Devon or Nate? Chelsea and Chloe are at odds again, but this time it could split them apart for good.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea has a strong reaction to Chloe. Victor tries to talk some sense into Adam.

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