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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Circumstances caused Liam to question every decision he’s ever made. Finn gently attempted to seek answers as Thomas’ intensity continued to rise. Steffy was forced to make a decision of the heart. Alerted by Finn that Thomas was in crisis, Hope arrived to find her ex in a desperate and delusional state of being. Hope took action as Thomas spiraled mentally out of control with the Hope Mannequin. Steffy discouraged Liam from doing something he might regret regarding Thomas. Hope panicked and called Finn when Thomas had a breakthrough and then a breakdown. Finn made a critical diagnosis for Thomas who was rushed to the hospital. Unaware of Thomas’ condition, Liam made a leveled accusation against him.

THIS WEEK: Liam regrets his words. Steffy blames herself.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi’s shocked to find Jake and Kate in bed together. Roman updated Rafe about Hope. Charlie and Claire grew closer. Belle and John discussed his legal situation. Xander grilled Kristen about her mysterious visitor. Sarah tried to get Philip to open up about his time away from Salem. Charlie became wary of Claire’s friendship with Ben. Jennifer and Bonnie made Jack and Justin jealous. Charlie got caught in a tug-of-war between Philip and Xander. Sarah told Xander they have to break up! Allie got upsetting news. Kayla and Steve got into a heated argument about Tripp and Allie. A desperate Allie took a page from her mother. Steve and Lucas had a tense confrontation. Eli crashed Lani’s prenatal appointment. Chloe returned to Salem! Kayla told Steve she needed him to ask Tripp to move out. Tripp was stunned to discover Ava’s alive.

THIS WEEK: Brady and Chloe caught up. Philip caught Sarah snooping.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam remembered something important. Carly invited Alexis to stay for dinner. Olivia hoped to play matchmaker. Dante and Laura had a difference of opinion. Ava was furious with Julian. Ava came to terms with a terrible situation. A lead took Curtis out of town. Valentin and Martin had a difference of opinion. Maxie ran into Brando. Portia shared an update on her patient. Jason and Sonny contemplated next steps. Joss confided in Sam. Jordan looked to Portia for help. Peter surprised Finn. Martin shared an important document with Elizabeth. Taggert lashed out at Carly. Ava looked to Nik for answers. Jordan and Portia had a heart to heart. Martin was taken aback by an unwanted visitor. Curtis learned that Laura has more information than she first led on. Willow and Michael discussed their relationship. Nina was compassionate. Carly was furious with Julian.

THIS WEEK: Ava and Nik came to a mutual understanding. Trina had something important to tell Joss.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Weddings bring out sentimental feelings in the most unlikely people. That’s how Jill and Jack feel as Abby and Chance’s nuptials approach. Speaking of weddings, Nina comes back to Genoa City for her son’s big day. It seems that the only one with less than happy thoughts is the bride. She’s starting to question whether of not she’s doing the right thing. The wedding day, nevertheless, arrives and it airs on the 12,000th episode of the show. Billy is feeling as if no one believes him when even Victor suspects that he threatened Adam with a gun. Lily and Billy are finding more and more diffi- cult to resist each other and keep things professional. Abby and Chance embark on a honeymoon which is unorthodox to say the least.

THIS WEEK: Nina and Christine get reacquainted. Victor puts aside his anger and is concerned about Adam.

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