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RECAPS –DEC. 14 - 18

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy and Liam made a life-changing decision about their future. Thomas got emotional at the depth of Hope’s compassion. Thomas made a startling admission of truth to Ridge. Liam and Steffy affirmed their love for one another. Finn became concerned when Hope discloses new details about Thomas’ illness. Steffy and Liam had opposing views about what to do with their secret. Paris accidentally broke a moment of chivalry between Zende and Zoe. Ridge expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Hope for all she’s done for Thomas.

THIS WEEK: Finn got the vibe that something’s worrying Steffy. Brooke stood by Ridge as he agonized about Steffy and Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Steve and Kayla brought Joey home from prison. Allie sought help from Belle. Claire and Charlie made things official. Xander exploded over Sarah’s revelation about Philip. Ava uncovered the truth. Kayla and Steve questioned Joey about his future. Ben and Shawn mourned Ciara. Rafe gave Nicole good news about Allie. Chloe confided in Brady about Philip. Steve warned Tripp to be careful about Ava. Claire shared her joy with Allie. Victor admitted to Philip that he’s on to him. Ava found herself in danger. Allie and Steve talked about the night she was assaulted. Chad overheard an incriminating conversation. Julie helped Jennifer investigate whether Jack and Kate are still having an affair. Tony and Anna returned to Salem as the DiMera family celebrated Christmas Eve.

THIS WEEK: Gwen’s machinations landed her on the naughty list. Lucas encouraged Jennifer to get answers. Dr. Rolf had a special gift for Kristen.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny delivered Julian an ultimatum. Cyrus enlisted Brit in her role as GH Chief of Staff for his latest endeavor. Obrecht’s interest was piqued. Tracy’s plan backfired. Jordan told Carly that she needs to talk. Curtis went undercover. Martin told Valentin a fascinating story. Violet grew curious. Finn extended an olive branch. Jason reached out to Brick. Julian was desperate to get out-of-town. Laura jeopardized her well-being. Ava reached out to Trina. Britt cornered Nikolas. Julian solicited the help of a stranger. Jason cleared the way for Sonny. Portia took Trina to the PCPD. Martin made a startling discovery. Michael and Chase ran into each other at the gym. Sonny took control. Jason was vindicated. Martin questioned Cyrus’ motives.

THIS WEEK: Curtis felt betrayed. Carly and Joss had a heart to heart.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy is encouraged by his support from Amanda, Lily and Victoria, but he has a long way to go to convince everyone he had nothing to do with the shooting. Summer has reason to be distrustful of Sally. Nate goes through a professional crisis when his ability to continue as a surgeon might be in doubt. Nick and Phyllis are going through a crisis when the trust between them is damaged. The honeymoon may be over for Chance and Abby, thanks to Nina. Billy begins to feel that he will go to prison and not be able to prove his innocence. Adam rejects Victor’s offer of help, but Victor doesn’t take him seriously. Jack tries to advise Sally not to cut corners by cheating to achieve her goals. Sharon and Rey happily look forward to their wedding day.

THIS WEEK: Lily rethinks her position with Billy. Nikki stubbornly refuses to change.

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