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RECAPS –DEC. 21 - 25

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge got emotional with Brooke about Thomas. Liam vowed to be the husband that Hope deserves. Zoe became upset that Paris is still in LA and upending her life. Steffy was forced to hide her secret from Hope. Zende interrupted a heated moment between Paris and Zoe. Liam and Steffy shared an awkward moment when Hope gushed to them about Finn. Brooke’s surprise to Eric and Ridge led to them reminiscing about past Christmases and their beloved matriarch, Stephanie. Zoe was less than thrilled when Zende brought Paris to Eric’s home for Christmas Eve. In the spirit of the holiday, everyone came together with forgiveness, love, and gratitude for friends and family in their hearts and they lifted each other up with songs of the season.

THIS WEEK: Zoe argues with Zende. Brooke worries about Ridge’s feelings.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — The Kiriakis clan celebrated Christmas Eve. Victor and Maggie were displeased when Justin invited Bonnie to the family gathering. Xander brought a surprising date for the festivities. At the prison, Brady and Kristen fantasized about spending the holiday at home. John and Marlena’s family had a heart-warming Christmas Eve. Nicole shared a secret with Allie. Will returned for a visit! Belle and Shawn got married! On Christmas Eve, the Horton family came together to hang their ornaments. Claire gave Ben a special gift from Ciara. Doug and Julie played cupid for Lani and Eli. Jennifer was touched by Jack’s present. Nicole spent the holiday with someone unexpected. The Bradys and the Carvers celebrated Christmas Day in Salem. Lani’s labor kicked into high gear with her family by her side. Valerie returned for the birth of her grandchildren. Allie made a difficult confession to Sami. Joey informed Kayla and Steve about his plans for the future. Marlena encouraged John to work things out with Steve. Steve shared his new theory with Kayla.

THIS WEEK: Lucas confronted Tripp about Allie. Allie urged Claire to surprise Charlie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason had trouble reconnecting with Sonny. Carly introduced Dante to baby Donna. Laura scoffed at the notion that she and Cyrus have anything in common. Peter and Maxie found out the sex of their unborn child. Finn’s roped into a spontaneous poker game with Chase. Diane was called to the PCPD to help a friend. Nikolas comforted Ava. Finn opened up to Anna. Robert caught up with Jackie. Obrecht came up with a new plan. Carly hid her concern. Michael took Lucas by surprise. Molly and TJ spent Christmas Eve at Curtis and Jordan’s.

THIS WEEK: Portia gave Curtis advice. Sasha berated Brando.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Sharon and Rey are basking in the glow of prewedding plans. Rey tells his sister Lola a secret, but it’s not clear what he is thinking about. Victoria sabotages Billy’s big ideas. Devon decides to be selfish for a change. Elena feels like she is in a rut and decides the new year will be full of changes. Victor shows his undying affection for Nikki by giving her a spectacular present. Sharon and Rey celebrate the holidays in a new and different way.. Victoria is not in the mood to celebrate Christmas and it doesn’t seem likely that anyone can help her out of the hole she’s dug for herself. On Friday, Christmas Day, Young and Restless reruns an episode that previously aired December 24, 2019. It features Jack spreading Christmas cheer and a visit from Ashley who comes home for the holidays.

THIS WEEK: Sharon and Rey spend new year’s eve together. Nikki is more in love than ever.

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